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Why do police officers drink so much when off duty? Are they bordering on being alcoholic?
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Why do police officers drink so much when off duty? Are they bordering on being alcoholic?

I have had 2 previous relationships with police women & yes met both in a pub.
On both occasion's i found there life revolved a round the pub.
Upto 4/5 times in a week. Its great to start with meeting new people making new friends ( other police officers) but after a while it gets a little too much.
I found that they where open to doing other things as long as there was a pub within walking distance.
My verdict: If you want to keep your liver, stay away from police women...

As a whole, the lowest form of life on earth today is a police officer.

that' s a negative stereotyp, and that was a coincidence


Haha. Well, this is generalization. Two women do not count for all of them.

But even if that were true, it could be because policing is an extremely stressful job and a lot of people think alcohol will loosen them up and take their mind off things.

Daniel S
They just dirnk for fun and pass time. It's OK.

Steele B
is this a question or a rant?

it's a high stress job. hard to maintain a "normal" life with regular family and friends.

It is awfully silly to assume that because you've met several police officers in a pub who are alcoholic, that all police officers are the same way.

At least you aren't asking why cops eat donuts.

There's a lot of stress in that job. Like any other people they think drinking helps you relax. I'm not sure that it does.
And heavy regular drinking gives the opportunity to slip into alcoholism.

Sir I think it is the other way around you were in a pub so the girl met you there. She is probably asking the same question on here.How come i date men who are borderline alcoholics? Thank you.

saumitra s
They try to shake their panick & fear of being injured & dead off.

It's one of THE most stressful jobs on the planet, dealing with the scum of humankind . . . for most their motivation is to protect and serve, yet they show up for work each day knowing it may be their last.

What I want to know is do you get her to arrest you when ...well you know what.?

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