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Why is it so hard for people to get Social Security Disability>?
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Why is it so hard for people to get Social Security Disability>?

Especially for young adults that have brain damage or people that doesn't have enough money to pay for their medical bills and medicine and if they get off of them they can't survive or something.

Why is it that SSD always deny everyone?

You have to have the attitude of "Never give up" I think they believe people will just say "To hell with it", but keep trying. "Never give up"!!!!!!

sandy k
because they want u to hire lawyer and have to give the lawyer almost all the money i think lawyers and ssd r in this2gether

I lost my job due to mental stress and it is very hard for me to keep a job. I have tried to get ssd twice and was denied. I know of people with drug problems (crack,cocaine ect....)can go into rehab for 30 or more days ,and apply for ssd and recive it. Most of them use the money to get more drugs.

After six months of waiting, I received SSDI due to a mental condition. 60% of people are accepted after the first time.

I was denied SSI because of the "implied" SSDI income received this year.

I used to make a lot of money working, but my mental condition prevents me from earning anywhere near what I used to make. Plus, I also paid a lot of money into the SSDI system, so I became entitled to receive that money as benefits.

i dont know but i do know that it took me almost 5 years to get disability when most of the time i had to lay down.

i got hurt on the job. it was diagnosed by the company doctor as a slight back sprain. as time went on, it turned into stenosis, i developed arthritis, and it will never heal and its never going to get better. a back surgery is not an option because it would relieve the pain in my legs but not the back where the most pain is.

we lived on 232 a month for over a year. if it hadnt been for my mother, we wouldnt have had a home, or lights, or water, or heat. it was a nightmare. try living on that for a couple of years. its almost impossible.

they denied me the first time and i had to wait almost a year to go to court appealing it.

also, i had 4 bouts with cancer, which in itself is enough to keep me from getting a job. very few insurance companies would even think about insuring me.

it was crazy. its not like you get enough to live good on even when you do get disability.

but yet, i can break my back if i move wrong and never walk again, and someone with bipolar can get on ssd within 6 months.

same as above
I've tried three times and was denied three times. Best advice I could give is to hire a Social Security Disability Lawyer. If you win your case(or appeal) they'll take their share and you'll get the rest of your money. In most cases that are won, the payments go retroactive to when the disability first occurred!

Maybe they feel that if someone has the ability to operate a computer and the money to pay for internet access, they're not brain damaged enough or poor enough to need social security.

Mother Hen 1961
Social Security Disability Income (SSDI) and Supplimental Security Income (SSI) are two totally different things from different sources.

SSDI applications are usually denied first time through unless you understand that as long as the paperwork is filled out properly the person who is reviewing the application cannot make a medical decision as to whether you or your family member is disabled. That must come from a verifiable medical source. I walked this line with my first husband. Either you provide the medical source or they have to provide one they approve of. You are better off getting your own. Unfortunately, my husband refused any rehab because he liked the government taking care of him and wanted me to do the same thing. He works just enough to stay under the wire to keep his benefits. He is now married to a woman that essentially made herself disabled and they are living in disability, government support bliss.

Some states offer SSI to disabled individuals to "suppliment" their income and is based on how much disability monies and other monies are coming into the household. This is state governemt money and NOT social security money.

My sister is developmentally disabled from a high fever as an infant. She receives SSI but no SSDI. She also recieves a stipend from Veteran's pension because my father, who passed away in 1976, was a naval vet. Even though she is in her late 40's, she will be considered his dependent until the day she dies because of her disability.

I have been trying to figure that out myself.My Dr. says I can't work because of siezures,but SSI says they don't happen often enough.I have been denied twice and I'm saying *** it.I am going back to work.This new med.the Dr. put me on is helping but it cost $540 a month, I can't get medicaid so I have to go to work.Good luck if you trying.

There are a lot of people who think they are disabled, but just because you feel you don't want to work any more does not make you disabled. The test for SSI is actually tougher than for SSDI.

The second problem is that most doctors do not understand the difference between "medical objectivity" and "patient advocacy." If a doctor writes "Rule out x, y and z," that is not a diagnosis or finding of disability. If a doctor writes, "Patient says he cannot work," that is not a medical diagnosis of disability.

Having a lawyer who knows and understands how the medical records need to be revised to prove disability is critical, despite what ignorant people may say. Many applicants are approved because there is no doubt of their eligibility: liver transplant patients, people with clear cancer diagnoses, etc.

Bostonian In MO
First off, illegals don't get any SS funds. Welfare and medical care in some areas maybe, but not SS money. You have to have a SS number and about 10 years of paid-in taxes to collect any benefits in most cases, children being the exception for the taxes. Illegals have neither a valid SS number nor have most of them paid into the system long enough to be eligible.

Most applications are routinely turned down the first time in a half-hearted attempt to week out the lamers and scammers. The folks at Social Security are badly overworked as it is.

That said, a fully documented application does have a shot at being approved the first time around. Many applications are not fully documented and must be turned down by law. When the deficiencies in the application are corrected, they are much more likely to be approved the second or third time around.

I have a very good friend who is legitimately collecting SSI and was approved the first time. His application package was about an inch thick and sailed right through. He did retain the services of an attorney but it was money well spent.

When the initial application is filed, it becomes the date that forms the basis for any payments. If it is eventually approved, you'll normally collect back benefits to the date of the original application even if this is months or even years later.

I am not sure you're on the right track. Social Security tries to accommodate those who truely need the services you mention. The key is truely need. There are too many cases of fraud out there today or misued funding where other agencies should be used first.

keep fighting it, they always deny the claim at first. get a lawyer who will not collect a fee unless you win. i've been fighting my claim since march last yr. i didn't get a lawyer until sept. so they take that date and you can expect a hearing anywhere from a yr to 15 mo. later. keep fighting it. be sure to keep track of all medical records, the judge will want to see them.

SSD denies about 50% of the people that comes in and applies for money. Collect all your papers and evidence of your problem and go back there. Do not hire one of those SSD lawyers to help you, they will only take a large chunk of your money of you do end up getting any. If you get denied, keep applying.

Try to apply for SSI (its like welfare), you might be able to get that.

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