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Would a suicide attempt show up on a background check?
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Would a suicide attempt show up on a background check?

I am not looking for a job in security clearance or anything, just a normal job. I have been working my tail off in school to leave my current job. However, last year I had a melt down and was sent to the hospital. Is this going to show up? The cops came and picked me up but I wasn't arrested or anything...It seems useless to keep trying what I am doing if it will prevent me from getting a job.

Suicide is a crime-A felony. Attempting Suicide is a crime-A felony. The doctor/patient confidential relationship is voided if the person is considered dangerous to themselves or dangerous someone else.(remember the Mendez Brothers) Now that you understand that I can tell you it's highly doubtful this could ever show up on a normal background check. If, somewhere down the road, you are arrested for attempting suicide again it will appear on your judicial record-that is not on any check someone could make. your cool, LL

Susie Q
Its confidential. Its medical not criminal.

Leslie S
Nope, it will not. Unless you were admitted, not just taken to for observation for 72 hours or less, it would not even show up for a very high security clearance (although you are asked with those).

This will not show up on your record. P.S. Suicide is NOT worth it.

No. Attempted suicide is treated as a medical condition, so it is confidential.

A report was probably filed. It may be looked at depending if it pertains to the job you are applying for

Amos Plater
no not a normal job but a high security job they will probably check it

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