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Would you go to prison if you killed someone accidentally?
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Would you go to prison if you killed someone accidentally?

like if you were driving and you hit a person and u werent drunk, driving too fast, talking on the phone, or on drugs. if you didnt go to prison, what would you think would happen to you? I live in the UK (northern ireland to be exact)

No name.
You might go to prison for manslaughter.

Charles B
Not in America, If you were in some type violation you could be charged with vehicular homicide

Well, in the U.S. if it were an accident, it is possible that you would not be charged If negligent, you might get probation, etc unless you had a record. If you are a minority or are poor, etc. you could go down even though accidental. Ha,sometimes the truth hurts doesn't it.

I know of somebody who was in a car accident that accidentally killed a man; a pedestrian. (He was hit by another driver, too). The pedestrian was found to be in the wrong (they don't always have the right-of-way). She did not go to prison or get charged with manslaughter. Instead her life was ruined based on the pedestrian's mistake and the man's father sued her insurance company civilly. He got less than what he wanted. She got two points on her license which is ridiculous because it wasn't her fault, and she still has her license. You are not going to be automatically going to be charged. Bad things happen to good people. It was just an accident. This was in Maine, U.S.A.

Nice one Gilliegrrrl. Come over here and be a Judge.

Wahdee Fooq
No. Absolutely not. If the incident was a complete accident then there is no fault or blame. If the deceased was at fault you need not worry. If you were in some way to blame then it was not an accident.

Don't know about Ireland exactly but; here in the US it is called Vehicular Homicide. Have had a couple sent to prison for this happening.

It is called in the states vehicular manslaughter. Your driver's license will be taking away.

David H
I think that if you rung the police and told them it was an accident and you weren't intoxicated, driving too fast, or on the phone then they would just see it as an accident and nothing would happen to you.

Aaron P
Probably, it is called involuntary manslaughter. If by some chance you didn't go than the family of whoever you killed would probably sue you civil and clean you and your insurance company out.

Miss Stank
Not if you apologized, nicely.


Well, I live in California and the drunken moron who hit my parents and killed my mother went to prison, but he got out in 4 years. Which is ridiculous since you get more time than that for small amounts of marijuana. Driving while intoxicated is NEVER an "accident"-nobody "accidentally" gets drunk then "accidentally" gets in their vehicle and drives. Nobody speeds "accidentally", same with talking on the phone.

Not familiar with the laws in your country but I'm pretty sure you'd be doing some time for vehicular manslaughter.

Possibly. Could be charged with manslaughter.

Mike M
Impossible to answer from the description.

Depends if it was deemed that you were careless or if the pedestrian was at fault

Too many variables to answer.

probs nothing may have points on your licence and compensation

John Holmes

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