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are you legally required to give your name and address in a random search by police walking into a festival...?
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are you legally required to give your name and address in a random search by police walking into a festival...?

...in the uk and if so are you allowed to lye to a police officer and if not what offense or fine is it that i would get basicaly can i not give consent to a police search if they dont have probable cause

s c
How many times are you asking the same question dude??

Yes you filthy hippy.

Ian UK
You are not legally obliged to give your name and address during a stop search. Also you can't consent to a search as to do so would suggest that the search is a voluntary one. There is no such thing. If a police officer feels that he/she has the legal grounds to conduct a search on you then they will conduct that search. If you resist then they can use lawful force to complete the search. This may also result in you being arrested. The Police do however have 'powers' (not a term I like) to request your name and address under certain sections of the road traffic act and section 50 of the police reform act of 2002 if you are acting in a anti-social manner. As for lying to an officer, this is obstructing the police in the course of their duty. The penalty for which is down to the Courts to decide and could vary greatly.

Section 44 of the Terrorism Act 2000 allows the Chief Constable to designate an area within which individuals may stop and search a vehicle, driver, passenger, pedestrian and anything carried by a pedestrian for the purpose of searching for articles which could be used in connection with terrorism. There need not be any grounds for suspecting the presence of such articles. Failure to stop and/or obstructing a police constable acting under section 44 is a criminal offence. Currently, the whole of greater London has been designated as such an area under s44. Under Section 60 of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994, a police officer of the rank of inspector or above may issue a written authorisation for additional search powers on the basis of a reasonable belief that incidents involving serious violence may take place or that people are carrying dangerous instruments or offensive weapons in the area without good reason. The powers relate to pedestrians and vehicles in a specified locality, for a specified period, not exceeding 48 hours at a time. Where an authorisation has been issued, any constable in uniform may stop and search any pedestrian or anything carried by the pedestrian, or any vehicle or anyone in it, for offensive weapons and dangerous instruments and may seize any such items which are found. In addition, the police may require you to remove any item which they reasonably believe you are wearing wholly or mainly for the purpose of concealing your identity. Again, the police do not need to have reasonable suspicion that the person is in fact carrying offensive weapons before stopping and searching under these powers.

joan k
You are not legally obliged to give your name and they must have probable cause to search you, but if they suspect you of committing an offence then they can arrest you without you giving your name. I don't know why people object to giving their name to a Police Officer seems daft to me when they will give it to some numpty in a call centre.

freedom fighter
say no. let them do what they can to force you but unless you are guilty of a crime they can get no information from you that you choose not to give. i am seriously annoyed that when a bunch of kids were twanging wing mirrors in my road, the helicopter was up there, 4 police cars were rampaging everywhere looking for the kids and having found no criminals they were door to door enquiring. when the police was at my door i informed the young man that i knew nothing. he accepted that then he asked my name. which i gave him. afterwards i thought why did i do that? why did he need to know? its none of their business.in future , i will NOT give my name.

Street Knight
I do not know the laws in the UK, so I can only say what the law is in the US. Giving false information to a Police Officer is a crime. The seriousness of the offense depends upon the nature of the reason for asking for the information. Failure to identify yourself is also a crime, and warrant-less searches are legal in a crowd control situation for security purposes, such as festivals, fairs, and sporting events.

NO! But the police by law must answer all your questions but they can detain you. Even your mum can't tell the police who you are only you BY LAW! can say who you are. Not even a judge in court can give you a name you haven't already given first. How long they can detain you until you give your name i'm not sure and if they harass you to the point you give it. sign it, UNDER-DURESS and the judge will come down hard on the police!!! common law ROCKS

They need to have reasonable suspicion of you and tell you why they are stopping you unless they are stopping you under S.44, the terrorist act which allows them to perform random stop and searches without reasonable suspicion. When they did stop you, they must of provided you with their name, the station they are from and why they stopped you. You are required to give correct the correct details but if you do lie they will do a background check and the case might go on further. It is a crime to provide false information to a member of the police however, I am not sure about the consequences.

WOW nutty are you a lawyer? Now that is the best answer i have read on this funny site in a really long time. Good Job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jed slade
Legally ? probable cause ?if you wish to challenge the authority of the police out of principle ,then i am sorry for you,it is a lost cause,you may succeed with a new collar bobby fresh out of training college,but dont try it with the old hands,they dont stop you for nothing,its normally the way you are acting or behaving or they may be looking for someone and you are a very near match.You can always argue it out in the station after a nice ride.Your time your choice.

no point in lying, if you have done nothing wrong you do not have to give them any information.

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