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can a cop come and arrest you after they let you go free?
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can a cop come and arrest you after they let you go free?

a so called friend asked to come into my home. a cop was behind him, my friend told him that he was looking for the wrong guy. coming to find out it was the friend that they was looking for. Even though the cops let me and my husband go. I am wondering if the cops can still come back and arrest us.

zon moy
They can do anything they want, and if they do something to you then your the criminal.

Troll Police Dogs
Yes. But if you haven't done anything illegal, you have nothing to worry about. If you are doing something illegal, stop doing it.

Big Daddy
They can if they suspect that you were hiding some information that hindered their investigation. It's called obstruction of justice. It's not likely that they will come arrest you unless the crime was significant or there is pretty solid evidence that you were knowledgeable and involved. They would probably first want to just question you to make that determination and get as much info as possible.

Sure... what do you think? There's some kind of law that cops can just stop and question once and that's it? Lolol....

The Boss Hogg
Yes. You're lucky it wasn't me. I'd be back already with my billy club.

Mr. Goodhi

Reality has a Liberal Bias
Of course they can.

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