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can a sociopath change?
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can a sociopath change?

i have heard that people who are sociopaths cannot be rehabilitated. what about those who have gone to prison and have led a life of crime? are they likely to change?

A true sociopathic personality can't really change. The key to that is- the word "true". I'm sure there are people who have sociopathic tendencies who can benefit from therapy enough to get along, but then it's not a true personality disorder, just behavioral. And behavior can change.


toe poe gee gee oh
No they don't change they only adapt to the situation.

sorry to say, absolutely NOT...
they are, however, extremely adaptable...
they can put on whatever face will serve THEM best in any situation...

case in point: I never understood what a sociopath was until I met one in the workplace....

she dangled the prospect of promotion to a very high paying job like a carrot in front of a worker who was not qualified for that job, but who was very narcissistic and materialistic

in return for that dangling carrot, the sociopath involved the narcissist in a money scam, issuing cheques for people who didn't exist, that the narcissist was cashing at her own bank

it went on for years, almost did not get discovered...

when it finally was uncovered, the narcissist was fired and charged with fraud; following that, the sociopath did everything in her power to destroy anything she THOUGHT might be evidence

in the end, the sociopath was the key witness AGAINST the narcissist, and the sociopath waltzed away unscathed

they never change, nothing is ever their fault, someone else caused it

be wise, and do whatever possible to completely BAN this person's access to your child/children...

No. Wait, hang on a second.... yes. But only on Tuesdays before noon.

A sociopath can not be rehabilitated. Being diagnosed as a sociopath, means they are without a conscience.

Nope, they do not change....sociopathy will always be a part of that individuals make-up.

mike g
they can not change

Clark Kent
It all depends on that individual!! Some people never change.

The roots of that "type" of extreme behaviour can be clinical, psychological, sociological, financial and more often than not--spiritual. That's right. I will address the least understood--the spiritual roots. If the person has repeated "Night terrors' a type of so-called nightmare whereby he/she is wrestled during sleep at times being choked by a being that immobilizes them during the encounter--then write that down. If the person or his/her parents messed with Ouija boards, participated in satanic cults--put that down as definite conduit. It the person is controlled by addictive drugs or alcohol--put down possible conduit also. If the person is a relative and you care about that person-get help from the following sources: 1-888-BLM_INFO .
You might need to increase your spiritual knowledge: Click on Amazon.com's website and check out these two books:
Angels and Demons by Bob Larson or the most comprehensive guide--The Golden Fleece Found by Basil Hill.


no its very rare for them to change. they are good at pretending that they've been rehabilitated when they really haven't.

Princess Buttercup
Sociopaths don't think they've done anything wrong, so there is no reason for them to change in their mind. You can't teach someone remorse.

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