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do arrest records show up on a criminal back ground check, or is it just convictions?
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do arrest records show up on a criminal back ground check, or is it just convictions?

what if the records are sealed?

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Depends on the state. when I run one in FL, TX, NC or SC the arrest will show up, with the disposition as dismissed. A lot depends on where you're arrested, it's not a perfect reporting system. I had one guy that had a clean record by a state check... when I called the local sheriff he had an arrest record a foot long!

If the records are sealed, they are not supposed to show anywhere. That doesn't always happen though, in some states the one line charge and conviction will show, but the actual court records are sealed so you cannot read about the case.

Your best bet is to call the local sheriff's office and ask them, then call your state police and see what they tell you.

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Convictions show up on criminal background checks, not arrests. If they are sealed, then they shouldn't come up.

arrest records

all shows up

State Background check : No convictions then it will not show up

Fedral Background check: Might show up you were arrested but most likely they will not hold it against you but might if ur convicted.

the size of your last sh*t shows up on one of them....just give up and get a job at a Hospital they don't check for criminals ...they just take whatever is breathing...and if you stop they give you medical attention....and bill you....double!

as a property manager when we did background checks it would depend on what we were willing to pay for, we could get a parking ticket if we paid enough.

some of George W Bush and Cheney's records are sealed or lost,,,, average criminals have records open to the public,,,,,,,

i think it would matter how deep they want to dig?

background checks can uncover a LOT of things. Felony convictions, misdemeanor convictions, lawsuits, traffic tickets and arrest records.

That being said, it is against the law to NOT disclose any felony convictions to a potential employer.

Depending on what Company or is it Government? If it's a large company or Government then disclose that info if it's a smaller company than you have a better chance of not getting "dinged" by it, however if it's sealed than it wouldn't normally show up in a routine back-round check. But remember if it's a very sensitive job then the more thorough the check.

The convictions.

only convictions

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