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do i have to open my door if the police are knocking?
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do i have to open my door if the police are knocking?

i've had experence with this before when i was younger, i did'nt answer the door, it was due to a party. i was wondering if anybody has had experence with more serious offence's do you know if they would kick the door down?

James Bond Chickz
Yes, because otherwise they'd shoot you till your dead.
As for the door, they'd take it home for their dogs.

yes of course you have to open the door to the police even if your having a party it could be serious!

you know what? Accually you don't, I think that is so funny It's accually not aginst the law to not answer the door and if you refuse to open the door they may not break and enter unless givin legal right.......like if you have a meth lab or something

Albert J

I'm not sure if you have to open the door, but if the police had probable cause that illegal activities were going on beyond that door, then they have the right to kick it down. If you open the door, you can refuse to let them enter and look around. Although if they see anything illegal activities while looking past you, then they can go in. Best bet is to not do anything illegal, then you have nothing to worry about!

only if they have a search warrent do u have to let them in no warrent no entry

First off dummy turn down that music, if you have something to hide don't draw attention to yourself so you can look cool.

And yes, the cops should break down your door for refusing to open it. They are there for a reason, to investigate a possible crime, and loud music is a crime in many areas.

Grow up.

Also Smack had great advice.

You don't have to open the door but you can bet your sweetass if they are there to take you in then you are going whether you open the door or not. Oh and if they do break your door down they add charges.

No, you don't have to open your door if they are knocking, not even if they pound on it and "Yell, police!" They will, in that case, kick the door down.

They legally have the right to break in door, if they have
a warrant (arrest or search). Otherwise they would have to wait for court order but will wait at door for order. Just open the door, it is much easier.

They would not hesitate to kick it down

Why wouldn't you answer the door?Your sister may have been in a horrible accident and need a blood transfusion but because you were afraid to answer the door she 's dead and it's your fault.

They'll tell you if you have to open it.... If they have an arrest warrant or a search warrant you must open it. Otherwise you do NOT have to.

either that or have them knock it down for you !

Unless they have a search/arrest warrent, they CANNOT just know down a door because no one answers the door.

If they have a warrant, then you do.

They may break the door down if they have reasonable suspicion that a crime is being committed. But if they just knock ( for example, your music is too loud ) you don't have to answer. But the next morning when you are sobering up and walk out to get the paper- there will be a citation stuck to your door for disturbing the peace, you will pay a fine or go to court or both.

Carol H
They the Police can do anything they want...Especially kicking your door down and they will get a search warrant if the consider there are drugs involved...and they won`t pay for your door neither...

There's a difference betwee what you "have" to do and what you "should" do... You should open the door, but you don't have too, but that's like holding a door open for a lady, you should but you don't have to, or calling your mom on mother's day, you should but don't have to. If a police officer has reason to believe that a serious crime is in progress and it threatens the life/well being of a person then he will knock it down, it's an immediate threat that has to be dealt with. I've kicked them in plenty of times when people call to have us check on their loved ones who they think are suicidal... the person doesn't answer the door and then we call the loved one and they give us permission, but if we hear anything wierd or suspicious that door is coming down, broken doors are better than dead people.

In Utah I think that the only time an officer can kick down your door is if they have a warrant or if they believe someone is in imminent danger of physical bodily injury.

depends on what and why they are there for...they might just want to ask you about something that happened in the neighborhood....if one does not answer the door it would look like you are guilty of something....running and hiding is not the answer....it only makes things worse for one that does that...

No you don't have to answer the door. If they have an entry warrant they'll kick it in or if they believe that there is someone's life at risk inside. If you don't answer though it doesn't mean they won't come back later and they might be a little more peeved the next time.

yes u should answer the door. walk out and shut it behind you. talk to them but dont let them in unless they have a search warrant.

kody w
yeh they would and then they wont pay for it even though they didn't find ****

Per the United States Constitution, you shall allow law enforcement access to your property upon the issuance of a warrant signed by a judge or magistrate. State and local laws will differ on how officers are required to "show" you the warrant. There are also different types of warrants. Most jurisdictions allow officers access without your permission if they detect an immediate danger to life, especially to minors or domestic partners.

Keep in mind that it is in your best interest to cooperate with law enforcement officers. If the goal of the officers is to get to you, they will find a way to do so. There are loop-holes and other "methods" of getting to you without a warrant. Also remember that officers have the power of disgresion. If you are committing a minor offence, they might simply do a "cite-and-release." If you give them a hard time, they may choose to arrest and book you instead. PICK YOUR BATTLES!

You should consult your local and state laws regarding this. There are many different answers to your question from other users that conflict with the truth. You may believe only the answers that you WANT to hear. Be careful and consider the source.

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