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does a drink driving conviction appear on a CRB check?
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does a drink driving conviction appear on a CRB check?

I have been offered a good job and am currently banned from driving. A CRB chaeck will be carried out after some initial training. Will the conviction show on the CRB check?

Yes. So declare it on the application or indeed before. They will decide if it is relevant then if they want to proceed with your employment. Fail to declare it and you can bet your bottom dollar they will not wish to go ahead

The Crimson Pirate
You have been convicted of a criminal offence so it will show up on a CRB check.. best to be up front now and find out if the offer still stands.

I recommend that you talk with an attorney who specializes in the defense of drunk driving.

It sure does and will be on there for life. Better find another job, because you will be caught up with when they run that check. Any state , any where, at any time, can pull up this record.

Any Conviction Shows up on a CRB Check, Thats what its For!

yes as it is a criminal offence rather than a road traffic offence

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