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does anyone out there know what post release supervision means?
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does anyone out there know what post release supervision means?

are there any specific conditions that have to met. hows it all work.

It would be really helpful if you had posted some information about where you saw this or what it has to do with.

If it's something related to the criminal justice system, it sounds like probation or parole. Post-release would refer to the supervision being after the person is released from custody or other form of confinement, as opposed to while they are in custody.

The specific conditions that have to be met would vary by state and by type of offense. Nobody here can tell you what they would be without a lot more information from you.

"Hows it all work" is a little too broad to be able to answer in less than a million words. What is it you're wanting to know?

Yes and glad you asked this important question. After suffers of Post partum depression recover, there are always tell tale signs of nasal drip, which have to be watched and supervised, hence, post release supervision. Please get help.

Parole See the definition in Wikipedia link below

It generally means some level of monitoring such as a half-way house (depending upon from where the individual is released), house arrest, or parole. Depending on the situation and the location it may be a combination of the above.

There should be someone on the force you can ask about this. There should even be websites that go into how this is done in your area. Why are you asking here?

It means that there is little, none, or limited security on the item and that there is a need for supervision, in some cases, after it is purchased or down-loaded!

Time to change my name!
It's the same as parole, you have to check in with a designated person for a certain period of time. Sometimes includes mandatory drug tests if that's what you went in for.

Any specific conditions should be explained to the felon when he or she is released. Pay attention, because if you violate them, back you go!

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