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how do you become a bounty hunter in maine?
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how do you become a bounty hunter in maine?

Anna M
Bounty Hunters are independent folk who go out and search down those people that have posted bail and never showed up for court.

You don't have to have a background in Law Enforcement to do this. Quiet the contrary really.

A testiment to this is Dog Chapman, the greatest Bounty Hunter of all time in my opinion. Ex-con gone Christian. Has brought in over 6000 bail jumpers in his 27 year career. He did a little time in Texas. Bad Mutha, watch cho mouth!

From convict to public servant! Dog is the epitome of BAD *** Bounty Hunters, and YES he likes the term "Bounty Hunter" and so do I. Do some research on his history! It will help you understand how he got to be a Bounty Hunter.

"Dog (Duane) Chapman."

You can also try :

They have a student internship and an excellent program.

You should be a sorta big boy physical type guy for this sort of thing. Or at least have the personna and mouth about you.

If I were a male? I would do this in a heart beat! My Dad was a Police Officer for many years. And a Bounty Hunter back in the day, (50's). C.E. Jackson. And a very close and dear friend of mine Chuck Cargile was a US Marshall so this sort of life has been a part of me forever.

It isn't easy to get your foot in the door (I have tried) due to the fact that most bail bondsmen already have some pretty good guys doing this. But maybe look up bail bondsman in Maine and ask who does their skip-chase work and then go straight to the Bounty Hunter. They may want an extra guy.

I wish you luck on this. It is an exciting job to say the least! If you ever need a female partner call me!

Anna M.

Ok, first what is called bounty hunters are in todays terms Bail Enforcement Agents. There are no "bounties" wanted people just to chase down and get paid.

You will have to work for or have a contract with a bail bondsman to hunt down people for him.

So you can contact some bail bondsmen and see if any of thier "bounty hunters" are needing any help, most work in teams. Or you can try and get some of them to let you "hunt" someone for them.

So you would be looking for someone who had a bond, never showed up in court, and you go out and find them and bring them to the police department for them to be held.

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