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how long does a written warning stay on the record for in MA?
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how long does a written warning stay on the record for in MA?

HBPD 126
COPINMA said it all. Good work.

Now gimme them points.

Bostonian In MO
In MA, the police departments don't necessarily keep a record of those, but the RMV most certainly does. They can and DO pull licenses for excessive numbers of warnings. The division that does that is called Selective Enforcement.

30 days maybe 90

It actually doesn't stay on your record, there is no record kept of it. There are laws stating if you receive too many tickets (warnings), your license get suspended, but not true. There is no recourse for a warning, you can not appeal it, therefore its a warning, it does not show up on your Mass Driving record

If there was no charge, it is just a warning, it won't be recorded. It only shows on your record if you were actually charged, money. But to hypothetically say if you are charged, $50 for a red light violation, fight it in court and win, it will still show up on your record, but there will be a NR for not responsible, but it does show the officer or an employer you were charged, fought it in court and won, if they were to run your driver's history, but no warnings will show.

Just keep in mind, not sure where you live, but if you are in a small town or your home area where you always drive, or drive a flashy car or gave the cop a hard time, they will remember you. Espeically if its a small town with not many officers. As for internally keeping a tracking system of tickets that will tell you for that city, none, and I highly doubt any one does. Everything that is recorded with the registry, that we as officers can see, is all previous money fines, whether responsible for or found not responsible for.

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