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how long does it take to get a police report after it has been reported?
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how long does it take to get a police report after it has been reported?

i was rear ended in lyons illinois yesterday the police took my info and asked me to pick up the report the next day i called them and they said for me to call next week cause it aint ready . im not sure what is going on

It depends on how that department is set up in terms of staffing, administration, who reviews and approves the report, and so on. In some departments it could be ready that same day by the end of that officer's shift. In other departments, it could take much longer. Additionally, if the officer who took the report had a busy call load that day, he/she may not have had the chance to finish the report by the end of that shift, and could then have been on vacation for a week and won't complete it until he/she returns to work. There are any number of reasons the report isn't ready. If the report isn't done in a reasonable period of time, you ask for a supervisory officer to look into it.

It all depends on their reporting system, backlog of reports, availability of clerical personnel etc.

Cloudcity CC
They should have given you a copy when you made the report. (That's how it works in Canada).

Normally within 48 hours. They are SUPPOSED to have them ready by then.

Tackle Box
I was rear ended not too long ago myself and I was told to wait 5 days.

Yeahhoo P
It can take a week or more. Took that long for me to get a police report after my Mom was assaulted.

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