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how often do police radar guns need to be tested?
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how often do police radar guns need to be tested?

i live in pennsylvania, how often do hand held police radar guns need to be tested? and can the handheld radar guns be used after sunset?

No Requerdo
The proper word is "calibrated " not tested...

q S
It depends on department policy. The RADAR is only calibrated one time in it's 10 year life span by the manufacturer. If it displays an error code it is returned to the manufacturer for service. Police officers are not trained or equipped to calibrate a RADAR. Typically one or more times in a shift the officer will press the test button on the unit to initiate an internal test. The officer may use one or two tuning forks as well to verify the unit is in calibration. Also, as the officer is driving around, he can fire the RADAR in moving mode which gives the patrol car speed as well as the violator speed. The officer can compare to make sure that the two speeds match up. the tuning forks are accurate to the 1/10 mph. The RADAR rounds the speed down so an actual speed of 99.9mph is listed as 99mph. The key point of a RADAR ticket is the officer's visual estimate of your speed. Once he is sure that you are in fact speeding he uses the RADAR to verify his estimate. After doing this day in and day out for years he gets pretty good at doing this.

Greg K
The radar units calibration needs to be checked before and after it's use. Generally a check of the calibration at start of the shift and once at the end of the shift to make sure the unit is operating correctly. A LED test and internal test which the unit will do on its own then a tone test and then a tuning fork test both in stationary and moving mode is done by the officer with two different frequency tuning forks. The unit should be calibrated if the unit fails any of these checks by a certified technician and inspected per departmental policy.

To be accurate, they don't actually EVER need to be tested, but to meet the protests of lawyers, they are generally tested before & after each shift they are used on.....and Radar does not care what time of day or night it is, why would you even imagine that was an issue?

ஜ۩۞۩ஜ Mr Grinch ஜ۩۞۩ஜ
when the court house needs additional repairs which is most often monthly or the cleaning bill goes up and they get strapped for some extra cash then comes you down the road along with everyone else so don't speed

LASER and RADAR devices are required to be re-certified every six months. The must be tested prior to being used each shift and at the end of the shift. RADAR guns can be used at any time of day.

Hi, I am from uk and the guns need to be calibrated every day as far as I know, also if it was a hand held gun I would find a good lawyer as it is possible to get 15mph out of a brick wall by using hand held.

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