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i got caught doing 60mph in a 30 what will i get?
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i got caught doing 60mph in a 30 what will i get?

i was also on the wrong side of the road and had No MOT at the time but i did get mot later on that day!

If I was the judge..I would ban you! outside schools now have a 20mph zone..and normally come off a 30mph built up area..think about..you could kill a child and have to live with it with the rest of your life!..slow down eh!

You may be looking at getting banned.

the mofo
Depends if you got caught by camera or old bill. If you got caught by police then you will likely lose your licence, as driving on the wrong side of the road without a current MOT and too fast will be dangerous driving by any courts standard. If its a camera you might be lucky and get away with a 3 points and 60 fine. you beter hope your luck is holding out mate

I hope you are banned for life, and pay at least a £500 fine.

As you were doing double the speed limit, it's usually a driving disqualification. The lack of MOT and the wrong side of the road just kind of seal your fate really.

Hopefully banned for life

get a ticket and a large fines

You are in deep trouble mate. Try not to make it worse when you go to court. You cannot get penalty points for no MOT. Reporter girl has been reported for points gaming and not answering the question. Edit: Stibs, it's done mate .

Banned is the easy answer, and likely a large fine.

The alchemist
Automatic disqualification for doing double the speed limit. If they gave you a fixed penalty as they did with me many years ago, you just go and surrender your licence to have it endorsed. then DVLA will send you a nice letter saying "this matter can not be dealt with through a fixed penalty". And then you realize the copper that nicked you was too pen happy and you smile when after 2 years you still heard no more from it. Not sure on the MOT bit though. Producers are up to 7-days. Unless you told them you had no MOT they wouldn't know. Like i said, not sure on that.

(UK) - 30mph over a speed limit means magistrates should sisqualify according to their sentencing guidlines.The additional offences are likely to increase the period. It is probable that 1-6 months will be the outcome. Getting an MOT later in the day, after not having one at the time makes no difference, the offence is complete

vincent g
You should have your car taken away and not be allowed to drive. Are you young(under 21) or just foolish?

Usually in the UK if you are caught doing more than 30mph over the speed limit (ie. 60 in a 30 zone) you will lose your licence. They will summon you to court within the next couple of months. If you are caught without an MoT then you get points and a fine. In your case I would like to see you banned from driving for at least 20 years. Sadly it won't happen. Please understand you are an idiot. For the good of other people, do not bother getting behind a wheel again.

Probably lose your license and well deserved! Unless you were driving to a test centre when stopped the late MOT is not going to alter the facts! Speeding at over twice the limit! Dangerous driving! No MOT! Please tell me where you drive as I for one want to make sure I'm not unlucky enough to meet you! Hope you were sober and not under the influence of drugs but I'd like to hear what excuses you can come up with!!!!!!

Mental Mickey
I surprised they didn't arrest you and then tow your car away and crush it. You'll be lucky indeed to escape a rap for dangerous or reckless driving and luckier still if you don't get an automatic driving ban for doing double the legal limit in a built-up area. If I was the judge I'd want your kind off the road indefinately, but fortunately for you I'm not, so who knows you might get some old fart who's prepared to be lenient - they do have some leeway, especially with fines, but if you rely on your car at all then start praying for a miracle!

I hope a huge fine,60 years in prison and 50 points on your license.

You will be lucky to get away with a 6 month ban, retraining and a substantial fine. My advice: Find a good lawyer.... P.S. Let us know how you get on!

Oh dear. If you're LUCKY you'll get points and a fine, anything from 3pts and £60 upwards. 60 in a 30 is technically a ban-able offence on its own, but wrong side of the road AND no MOT??? I think you've just won a bicycle...

idiot, when will we see flowers taped to a lamp post for you or your victims

YOU MIGHT NOT GET ALOT THIS TIME BUT NEXT TIME YOU MIGHT KILL SOMEONE. its idiots like you that dont think of others. i know someone who was at the end of a similar situation and got knocked down... think about what you are doing you may think its cool but do you want to live with what might happen. the roads are 30 for a reason.

You deserve to get the severest punishment the courts can give you.

A ticket and a BIG fine!

You aren't going to "get" anything, but you'll probably have to pay something, and I hope it's large enough that you have to sell your car.

Your car crushed and your children taken away from you. Got told that by a bloke in a pub.

Doing 60 will prob give you at least 6 points not the usual 3, plus if caught on wrong side of road that will be classed as dangerous driving or driving without due care and attention which will be another 6 points. Which makes 12, so a ban. Also a hefty fine for driving without mot

It depends on what state you are in. In NY, doing 60 mph in a 30 mph zone is a 6pt speed with a minimum fine of $140.00. Also driving on the wrong side of the street is a 3pt offense with a fine of $90.00. I have no idea what a mot is.

i think you are on something. this cannot be true.

you should have been arrested.

hopefully your ass whipped by your parents, and the car taken away until your 30....

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