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if a 15 year old runs away from home is it against the law? if the police get called what do they do?
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if a 15 year old runs away from home is it against the law? if the police get called what do they do?

how many hours after she runs away do the police start to do anything?

This is a crazy situation. The parents/carers will still be responsible for the safety and wellbeing of the 15years old but the Police have no power to return the 15 years old if they are not at risk of harm. It is far better to keep open the lines of communication and respect the almost adult's right to her opinion. Also the 15 years old will love the new found power of her situation. Bribery usually works!! Good luck,

wild-man of Borneo
Look in the real world. No one will call the police. Will cal The RSPCA. That one of the little puppy is missing. Then the dog catcher will impound the little puppy without having a license for wandering loose in the streets. Keep in the kennel for two weeks. Until the home owner come and claim it after paying the fine too. Luke 6.39-40,41-45,46-49 What do you think?

red devil
hiya, you have to be missing for 24hrs,then the police will look for you.when they find you they will bring you home.you can leave home when you are 16,and nobody will come looking for you as you are of age.

If a 15 year old runs away then police will find you an make you come back unless you have an responsible adult with you or if you've ran away because of dangers at home then they'l try an help you-after 24 hours or so police may start looking for you or starting some approach

If it is a very young child almost upon receipt of the report and the same for an elderly person. I not sure with a 15 year old but if it is out of character it will be sooner rather than later. When found it will be an each case upon the facts. If it's just a family row and nothing more he will be generally be happily returned and received home by his family. If it is more serious he will be taken to a safe place

Having been a runaway when i was younger I can assure you that YES it is an offense. They start looking for you within minutes of being reported. When you are found your parents can in fact state that they can not control you and the officers can than take you to Juvenile detention. There you will go to court and your parents can decide to either take you back and try to work it out OR put you as a ward of the state and the state will either place you in a foster home Or if there are none available leave you at the juvenile detention center. If parents take you back and you act up again they can call go back through it again and then make you a ward of the state. The thing though is Are you asking this because You want to or a friend wants to run away?? Why do you want to run away?? Can't you talk to your parents about whatever issues you are having?? Let me say from experience Life on the streets as a run away female is NOT fun Nor is it easy. Believe me when I say that you seriously will regret it later in life. I WISH that I had taken the other path and most those that ran with me at least those that are still alive wish they too had went the other path Yea I know you are saying my situation is different i will do it different i can do this and that and those things will not happen to me I know you are saying these things because my cousin who was older tried to tell me those same things and I told her those same things i ended up coming back years later and seeing her at my Mom;s funeral and letting her know Yep she was right and I wish i had listened. By the way i missed my Grandparents funerals, MY Dad's funeral and Almost missed my Mom';s had a neighbor not seen it in the paper and told me about it. No one called When I got there everyone wondered why i bothered to show and basically ignored me. Yea IF you manage to live out there and make it to old age You will regret it. You will have missed so much all so you could have a little extra freedom or see that boy they do not like or do something they don;t want you to do. Unless you are being abused in some way to which you than report it ASAP than you can talk it over and work it out Things may not come out as you want it to but you showed your maturity and diplomacy and willingness to work things out and that only proves to them you are more mature than they likely think. Please feel free to email me though my profile if you want to talk Running away is not the answer.

Sadly the Police and other Social Service meddlers rarely do anything until it is too late.

Normally, the police take action as soon as you call them. However, they must have something to go on. Addresses of friends she might be staying at, hangouts she may frequent, and so on. They will check these places for her, and if they come up empty, they will then put out a note to other officers to be on the lookout for the runaway. Every lead as to where she might be will normally be checked. If she's located and is uncooperative, she'll probably go to the local equivalent of Juvenile Hall. If she keeps running away from her parents or guardians, then she'll be put in a foster home. If she keeps running away from there, she becomes a "habitual runaway." There are, unfortunately, some kids who absolutely insist on growing up on the streets.

If you are 15 years old and run away from home, leave for school but don't show up, etc...you can ben entered immediately into the NCIC date base as a missing juvenile and you can be charged with "unruly" charges in juvenile court. Where I work we have a "regular" who does this. We went on a call after this person left, and withing 20 minutes this person was entered as missing and picked up a few hours later and taken to juvenile court.

Viva La Marcus
No, its not against the law, not in the UK anyway


Joshua H
Yes, it is against the law. Note, though, that the risks for a teenage runaway aren't from the police. Teenagers who run away typically end up exploited and dead. EDIT -- I should add since someone said otherwise that it is indeed against the law, a so-called status offense, an act that's an offense if committed by a minor, but not if committed by an adult.

King Cobra32
They have to be missing for at least a day for it to be a missing person case and no its not against the law..and if the police found someone all they would do is return the person home..then its up to the parents what type of punishment the person gets..

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