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if i want someone to leave my house whitch i own and they wont leave do the police have the power to make them
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if i want someone to leave my house whitch i own and they wont leave do the police have the power to make them

if they rented it from u no, if u let them in to stay then no and if u walk out the door with them still in there they can change the locks n get squatters rights to stay in there!! there was a programme on this a few weeks back on the bbc the police has no power over this what so ever u can get your local county court to issues an eviction notice to them then the dougnut guys can deal with it then


The Bulb has answere the question spot on with respect to squaters (did you just read that from Blackstones). However, If its just someone in your house who's popped round for a cup of tea, and now wont bugger off even thought you've told them too, then the police can assist you. Normally, we would get you to ask the person leave again whilst we stand by. If they refuse you can then use reasonable force to remove them, normally by taking their arm and walking them towards the door. If they refuse or offer violence, we would then arrest them to prevent a breach of the peace.

well, yes and no, if they have commited a Domstic crime then yes, if it was just an end of a relationship, then no, the best thing to do is file for a restraining order, but either way, i would call the police.

Really really depends on who they are and what the relationship with you is. Are they renting? Then they have certain rights as tenants. Is this a common law spouse? Then the police won't remove them without some kind of court order. Are they just visiting? Then yes the police will.

with out knowing the full facts I can't tell you exactly, but legal advice start with the CAB the likely outcome is that you will have to go to court and get an eviction order. Be very careful squatters know the law better that most police officers. If and when you get an eviction order make sure there there is a power of arrest as well as power to use force.

It is going to depend on the reasons and who it is. are they a person renting a room who is merley late paying rent are they a relation who has lived there for several months or several years. Is it someone you are legally married to Normally on domestic issues they do not get involved. If it is a renter you will have to go to court and get an eviction first

Not in England & Wales

If your in the UK the police can`t do anything without you going to court for an eviction order .Any where else i don`t know.

as long as the house is in your name

i live in texas and if they are staying with u or claim they are staying then the answer is no, u would actually have to evict them, but if they are visiting u then yes. but that is just the state i live in, so u might want to call a police officer and ask them.

Is this a domestic squabble? Did you allow the person to come in and stay? Could be tricky then. But if someone broke in and won't leave, then yes the police can make them leave.

yes if you have let someone stay in your home more than 3 mouth and they don't want to leave you have to get a court order or something from the police to make the vacate your home

yeah, and you can put a gun up to there ass and walk them out if you want to also.

Well-you should-but if the person has lived there, it may get fuzzy depending on the laws where you live...someone who lives with you may essentially have "homesteading rights".

charles o
yes, if it is 100% yours, and he/she who is on it has no share in it. you have every right to, either call the cops or get a restraining order, and they would not be allowed within 100 yeards of the property

Nunoyvgvna Awi
by law all you have to do is ask the person to leave your home or property one time. if after 1 asking they do not leave, they are now in violation of trespassing. since this is a law...any actions they do after this....destruction of property, hitting you, etc....the 2nd charges are increased due to the fact a law has already been broken to create the new offenses. if you post a no trespassing sign, then you do not have to mention it one time as the sign as now done this for you.

chuck m
only if they are not living there.if they are living there,you have to give that person a 30 day notice to leave

mannit m
yes, if they have no right to be there.

yes, but they need the judge's authorisation to do that.

Mikey Mike
It depends, are they living there? Do they have a relationship with you? If they are just visiting and have no legal right to be there, then the police can...and will remove them.

that depends on the situation, but if you can get an eviction against them then yes the police will remove them

They certainly do. It's called trespassing.


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