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if someone is sentenced to 9 years in jail, how many years will they actually serve?
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if someone is sentenced to 9 years in jail, how many years will they actually serve?

thanks for all answers in advance. :)

unless otherwise advised by the judge then sentences over 3 years usually require you to serve 2 thirds before being eligible for parole , so it would be 6 years.

s c
Depends on how long you were sentenced for but as you've asked about a 9 year sentence I'll give you the quote that deals with sentences longer than 4 years. Total term of 4 years or more Your case will not be considered by the Parole Board until you have served at least half that period in custody. Unless the Parole Board recommends earlier release, you will not be released until you have served two thirds of that sentence. So, in other words, if the parole board recommends release then you could be out in about 5 years. If not then it will be more like 6 years. If however, your sentence is less than4 years then you will only serve half of it (Note it says you WILL be released - not may be): Total term of 12 months and less than 4 years Unless you are released earlier under supervision, you will serve half that sentence in a prison/a young offender institution. After that time you will be released. See below link. Isn't our criminal justice sytem wonderful?

It is not necessarily the case that they will serve 4 and a half years of the nine year sentence. If they are a violent offender and show no remorse, they will not get parole.

A lot depends upon what the sentence was handed down for, but in most cases a convicted person here in UK will probably only serve about half of the nine year sentence and the rest will be out in the community on 'remand', during which time they must report in regularly etc.

6 months

9 Years ! But, depending on the crime that the person has been convicted on there is a set tariff of time served. (Mandatory Minimum Prison Terms) set by both trial Judge and statue. They must serve a minimum number of years in prison before being considered for release on licence (parole ) or if serving time in a "open Prison" ~ temporary licence (ROTL)....(the parole board must convene 2 or 3 years to consider and review before tariff time is reached ) If they break the terms of the licence they can be recalled to complete the remaining time behind bars or again, depending on the breach of licence conditions serve an allotted time before they can reapply for parole again. Being convicted of another crime while on out on licence (parole) they can have the original sentence added to or run alongside the new conviction ( A consecutive or concurrently sentence) webpages to look at >> http://www.sentencing-guidelines.gov.uk/ (for England & Wales) http://www.scotland.gov.uk/Publications/2008/08/29100017/0 (for Scotland) I hope that answers your question?

Jerry T
4 1/2 max if he / she behaves does a few courses and have seen to be rehabilitated or sooner if prisons are full could come out on licence

well now that all depends on a lot of different things ie: what state,what crime,violent etc etc oh and there are no legal mandates for early release.

I think it depends upon the crime, the sentence the judge, the probation committee and the demeanor of the the person serving the sentence. Too many variables to give you a simple answer.

depends on the crime and also where it was. alot of the more serious crimes have a law called Truth in Sentencing. so it really does matter what and where.need more info

I believe that in this country, with good behaviour, you are only legally allowed to serve out half of the sentence. So in other words, the person would be released after four and a half years so long as they behaved in prison.

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