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if ur underage & u get arrested for shop lifting, will the officer actually call home? will they keep calling?
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if ur underage & u get arrested for shop lifting, will the officer actually call home? will they keep calling?

one of my friends got caught & arrested for shoplifting at the bay , she stole over 500$ worth of merchandise . when they tried to call home no one answered , & the police officer said that he will call her parents & inform what had taken place that day . will the police officer actually call ? within how many days ? my other friend got caught a couple years back , & the officer said she'd call her parents but she never did . SO WILL THEY CALL HOME ?!

Maj. Beltran
Speaking for what I know about the state of Florida, if you are charged as a minor with ANY crime, your parents MUST be notified. If your parents can not be reached, you will be taken to a juvenile detention facility until they can be. If the store owner has declined to press any charges, the police will just release you and may or may not contact your parents. Depends on how busy they are. Honestly it is hard enough to keep up with crimes that are being comitted & prosecuted for them to follow up on ones that are not being prosecuted.

Jazzy J
They won't give up calling their parents or juvenile trial for $500 worth cloths.

surprised your friend didn't get taken to jail for that much stuff. They should call and I'm sure your friend isn't allowed in that store again also, how is your friend going to explain that. But it depends on the officer they may forget. My cousin got caught shoplifting and the police took him home and told his parents what he did and he only took a thing that was less than $10.00.

They are supposed to.

Not sure where you live but I can answer you for what normally happens in California... In most situations where a juvenile is arrested, the Officer has two choices- #1 He can notify the juveniles parents and have the kid picked up by the parent or a family member. #2 He can transport and book the kid at juvenile hall. Sometimes #2 is the only option because the kid's family can't be reached by phone. I have seen/heard of some states where juveniles are taken to juvenile hall for almost every contact they have with the Police. California tends to be a little more lenient because of the shear number of kids commiting crimes. The lesser crimes are treated almost like a traffic violation. This out look can be good and bad, but that's a topic for a whole other question.

they really should and prolly will if someone stole 500$ worth of stuff. ps.ur friends dont seem very good if they shoplift that much they are thiefs.

It depends on how serious the incident is, like if she was a frequent shoplifter then they would take more action. The police would normally take you home and talk to your parents or take you to the station and wait until your parents come to pick you up. Either way if your under 18 you will not be arrested.

For that much money, yes they will call. She's better confess. She is really lucky she wasn't arrested.

Yes you better believe it.

Anything over $400 is grand theft, and may be a felony. I guarantee the parents are going to find out no matter how long it takes the police to contact them.

if shes 17 or over ,its considered a felony, and mos def she will be in trouble regardless of her age. her parents will be notified of her juvenile activities

They will keep calling for sure and come to the House and they should.

Charles Hussein Veidt
For over $500 worth of stuff, you bet they'll call back. You might want to have a good talk with your friends. Seems like a lot of them are thieves.

I'm not 100% sure, but I believe they have an obligation to contact your parents.

They should.

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