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in cop movies ,in the locker rooms,why do the cops have to lock their lockers?
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in cop movies ,in the locker rooms,why do the cops have to lock their lockers?

It's not because they don't trust each other - it's because lawyers walk thru!

Cause u can't trust NO ONE!!!!

there is a saying "You can trust a fellow officer with your life but not with your lunch"

Because even amoung police there are many that "borrow" things.

In case a cop accidently tries to open the wrong locker. They all look the same.

because cops are the biggest thieves around.They are the foxes watching the hen house

In movies and in real life, cops are people, too. People tend to give into temptation when they know it is wrong to do so. There are people in all professions wo tend to have sticky fingers. It is one of those sad facts of life.

It keeps honest cops honest. The dirty ones are going to do it anyway.

because they dont want any other copper seeing how much weed/coke they stole from the latest haul

A few years ago, the report in the crime section of the newspaper was of a watch stolen from the top of a locker in the change room of the local police station. Maybe everyone has taken too seriously FDR's old retort when he was asked why he appointed one of the biggest crooks, Joseph P. Kennedy, to the SEC. FDR said, paraphrasing, it takes a crook to catch a crook.

Because sometimes LAWYERS can walk through there.

D baby
well hate to say this but people steal no matter what job they have. and just because they are cops doesnt make a difference

My dad is a retired police officer.

When he was working, someone STOLE his APPLE from out of the refrigerator!!!

BOY was HE MAD!!!

I don't know if he ever found out who took it!

Because they put their guns in their lockers and the law requires that guns are kept locked.

To keep from tempting our police officers from becoming one of the people they bust.

They lock their lockers because their jobs turn them into very suspicious people.

Well, why not? Personal things are in that locker, even if it's work stuff)

beleive it or not, but some cops steal,

Because there are thieves everywhere..... By the way, that's true in the REAL WORLD as well.

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