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is it illegal to make a u-turn where there isn't a "no u-turn" sign?
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is it illegal to make a u-turn where there isn't a "no u-turn" sign?

if there are no signs about u-turns, can i then legally make a u-turn?

It will depend on your state law, some states in thier rules have specific places you can't make a u turn at. So if your state has a listed place in thier code section it does not have to be marked.

Some states like GA have a clause you can as long as you can safely. IE, if you are doing it and have a wreck, then you get a ticket for doing it. Also if you are doing it and "almost have a wreck" and an officer sees it, he can still give you a ticket, since it was not done in a safe manner.

Basicly you need to check the code section for your specific state.

yes you can, as long as there are NO signs.

That all depends on the state. Some, like California allow U-Turns unless explicitly denied, but Oregon does not allow U-turns unless specifically allowed by a sign.

Bostonian In MO
Generally, no, it is not illegal. State law may mandate otherwise, and any time there is a double yellow line U-turns are illegal as well.

All depends on the state. In an intersection (without a light and a designated turn lane), in Pa = illegal.

N.G. K


Secret Asian Man
depends on what state you're in. When I lived in Illinois, I got a ticket for making a U-turn. I had no clue it was illegal there since I grew up and took driver's ed in Maryland and in Maryland it is legal to make U-turns.

Meghana Singh
in mst cases yes!but dere has 2 b common sense involved!

i mean wen itz obvious dat u takin' a u-trn will cos probz 2 u or sm1 else bttr nt take it!!

Yes, you can legally do a U-turn.


In California, yes, at an intersection. I don't know where you are, and it makes a difference.

No sign means that it is legal.


if I peed in the street because I had to go-does that mean that it did not break any laws because there was no sign posted against it? tell yourself whatever you need to in order to fell better about the traffic ticket that was given to you.

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