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is it possible to turn someone in for food stamp fraud?
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is it possible to turn someone in for food stamp fraud?

i know someone who gets food stamps but she has a college degree and could be working but she lives off food stamps b*cuz she smokes crack

Sure, you can turn anyone in for anything, but that simple fact remains that it must be proven after the allegation is made. To prove it in a court of law, you would have to be willing to testify that you knew of this wrong doing & then you would have to explain WHY & how you knew about these allegations. It just sounds like you are jealous because you can't qualify to get your own food stamps. People need to eat & food stamps help to keep the crime rates down in the grocery stores. How would YOU know about crack, anyway? If you are concerned, find her a job in your neighborhood or MYOB!

so then turn her in and see what takes place

Officer Baz Says...
you could make an anonymous call to the local department which distributes the food stamps. this is not uncommon for serious drug users. you will, of course, probably need some proof of fraud, which may prove more difficult

Yes, the United States Department of Agriculture, Office of Inspector General, enforces food stamp fraud. You can find them under the government section of your phone book or look on the WEB. They are mainly interested in larger cases, so your referral might not be considered a criminal case. However, you can't know until you call. Have as many details as possible available, such as names,addresses and phone numbers. Even if the case is not considered criminal they might review the persons situation.

Lily VonSchtupp
Yes - this site has info on reporting fraud.


Call your local DSHS (department of social and health services) and let them know what is going on. They can request a drug test and revoke their stamps if they see fit.

Christopher Talener
Thats not a violation. I know people that live in a border town and get them from 2 different states. Reported them 5 times in 2004, they still get them, nothing got done.

If you believe a person is breaking the law due to drug use, you can turn that person in to the police, regardless of whether that person is on food stamps or not.

Even if she smokes crack, she still needs food. You cannot use
food stamps for crack. If someone would deal with her drug
problem, it would eliminate the food stamp problem.

Jack P
Yes, turn her in. Call the foodstamp people, or the police. She is taking money from hard working people.

Just say no.

California is really not doing a very good job with getting its Welfare recipients to work. They are probably already aware that she doesn't work and has a college degree, but not that she does drugs. Still, I feel the thing to do would be to have an intervention to get her to detox and into a program so that she could have the presence of mind and the self esteem to get herself to work.

she has a illness,as long as children aren't being neglected .your still better off than she is.

yes, but you are worrying about the wrong thing you should be trying to help her with her addiction

If she has a drug problem then you can report your concern to social services or the police. The food stamps however are based on need and income, while you believe that she has the ability to earn money on her own, she obviously is not able to support herself at this time.

Maybe you can't turn her in for food stamp fraud (if she doesn't have money - it doesn't matter if she's educated our *could* get a job.) BUT - you could turn her into the pollice for smoking crack. She won't get food stamps in jail - but we'll still be paying to feed her.

Audio Wizard
Not in California....the dept is too busy signing up new recipients.

the answer is Yes, to your question. You can turn someone in for food stamp fraud.


yeah, call the police

Call 911. They'll deal with that menace to society.

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