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is " sherriff john burnell " really a sherriff, or for that matter a part of any police force?
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is " sherriff john burnell " really a sherriff, or for that matter a part of any police force?

But where did he get those fluorescent teeth?

Yes, actually spelled John Bunnell, he entered Law enforcement in 1969, and as mentioned above, was appointed Sheriff of Multnomah County on November 30, 1994 and served until May of 1995. During his career he was featured often on COPS while conducting undercover narcotics stings. He's since retired and is known for is overly melodramatic narrative on World's Wildest Police Videos, which ran from 1998-2002 and is constantly replayed through syndication.

He was appointed Sheriff of Multnomah County (Portland), OR for a short time to finish somebody else's term, but he was never elected. It was his friend Paul Stojanovich, the creator of the TV show Cops, who fell off the cliff. He was a friend of John Bunnell's, I think that's where the confusion came from.

he's retired

Idiot of Idiom
I also thought he died. Not that I'm wishing it's true--just what I read or heard some place

Judy the Wench
Not anymore.....he fell off a cliff and died a few years ago. I think he was a sheriff in Portland.....

yes, he is now a retired sheriff - making way more money Multnomah County in Oregon was his post, I believe

Yes, he was. From Nov. 30,1994-May 1995, he was sheriff of Multnomah Co. Oregon. He is now retired from law enforcement.

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