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is there a statute of limitations on arrest warrants in NC?
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is there a statute of limitations on arrest warrants in NC?

No, warrants aren't subject to limitation. The point of statutes of limitations is that they keep someone from being prosecuted well after the crime, but in the case of a warrant, that is the beginning of the prosecution. The statute of limitations is met once a warrant is put out.

Wayne S
I don't live in North Carolina. But, Why run? Turn yourself in and get it over with. Your only making it worse by running.

depends on is it for a felony or misdemeanor.If a misdemeanor yes about 6months and for felonies depends on the status of the felony

It depends on crime murder has no such limit I dont believe rape does either


Depends entirely on what the charges are.

Murder has no statute of limitations. Other crimes vary depending on severity.

North Carolina only has statutes of limitations for misdemeanor offenses. Felonies never 'expire'.

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