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my new neighbor is violating the property boundary. what do i do?
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my new neighbor is violating the property boundary. what do i do?

They are currently fixing up their lawn and have implanted sprinklers and dug up the old grass and planting new ones. but they are doing this 2 FEET into our lawn!! we jsut noticed this recently and after some careful measuring they are way into our property. how should i approach them with this issue?

If my neighbor was planting new grass on my property, installing a sprinkler system to water the grass on my property, paying for the water to water the grass on my property.... I wouldnt do a thing about it

Since they are new neighbors, i would invite them over for coffee or tea,tell them how nice they are fixing things up, then point out the real property lines. If they disagree, then ask them to share the cost of a registered land surveyor. If you live in a sub-division, the court house or county assessors office has all the documents you need with plat inofrmation and legal discription.

nancy jo
have you spoken to them about this? that's your first step.

First off, this is one of those things you need to be direct and very clear, or you will get the "come on who cares" response. So do not get into tangental discussions.
First thing property rights are important. If you do not take any action you could be granting a permanent easment, or later they will say you gave them permission. And you will have to disclose that to a potential buyer when you sell the house, and they will ask a lot of questions, etc. Of it leaks or violates building codes you will be responsible.
So you need to take care of it right away.
Write them a letter. Call them and read the letter to them.
Dear Smiths, You are currently having sprinklers installed and I am concerned that the equipment and construction is on my property.
For construction that is that close or over the property line, it would have been advisable for you to have the city identify the property line and for us to discuss the matter. This is for the protection of both parties.
I have no experience in these matters I would like to get some expert advice.
At this time please stop any construction.
Call the city and find out if there are building codes regarding sprinklers. Also there may be some buffer zone rules, ie I can build a fence but it must be 12 inches into my property line.
Also what if they spray onto your property, I don't want someone else deciding when my grass will be watered.

Have a surveyor verify your plat as listed in the county record. Verify the boundary lines. Then get an attorney and file a Cease and Decist order. If the neighbor violates it by encroachment, it's off to court they go and you already have the proof needed.

CAUTION:Truth may hurt!
I would be friendly about it, but steadfast. Take documentation proving your point also. Don't let it simmer too long. After two years, ownership of property is automatically transferred to whoever has taken care of it (at least that's how it is in my state).

They're going to water your yard for free.
Clam up. lol

get your property surveyed

Inform your neighbor about the encroahment and when your protest was acted upon, it is alright. If there is a resistance, make a written demand and if this is ignored. File a special civil action of prohibition in court praying that your neighbor be ordered not to encroach into your property.

george 2
you should take care of the problem soon as if you let them take care of the property long enough they can claim they own it because they took care of it and the law will be on their side.

First off, go to the city and make sure they are lawfully in your yard. Have the city come out and survey and mark your land.
Then if they are really on your property, you can go ahead and ask the city what is typically done when boundaries are crossed.

Go speak to them and try to work it out. If you can't it's not a criminal matter, it's civil, so call a lawyer.

Tell them to move it or you will.

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