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police nicknames??
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police nicknames??

Can anyone tell me why people often refer to the police as The Fuzz? The Babylon? The Rozzers? Watchin street crime2 on bravo and we just wanted to know where or how the police got these nicknames.

Ian UK
Most of the ones I've been called are listed here already. None of them really have an effect considering who generally uses them. I understand that this may be a serious question asked out of curiosity but I can also understand why some Police Officers take exception to some of the abusive terms we get called. After all, the public would soon complain if we started calling them idiots, thick b**tards, a waste of skin, a waste of Police time, scrotes (short for scrotum) and various other derogatory terms to their faces like some of the public seem to think it's OK to do to us. Think on people.......

GĂĽnther von Bischoff
I've been called most things but the most surreal was being called a communist by an irate South African about 20 years ago

The psychedelic wardrobe monster
The Plod(or PC Plod) comes from them plodding the beat!

There are lots. Pigs, Filth (My favourite), Boys in blue, Finest - as in xxxx's finest bobbies, peelers, coppers, cops, fuzz, flics in France, aceitunas and the grises (old) in Spain from uniform colours. An unusual one used in Glasgow was the 'stashie', because they stash you away for no reason if you live in a rough area. Have a look at 'http://www.worldwidewords.org.

James M
The filth, the cozzers, the peelers, bobbies, etc etc

"in the bag" or "carrying the bag" is another term i've heard

the bill is what people say round my way, all the best

See this link for loads more http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_slang_terms_for_police_officers


Fuzz ~ synonym for police originated by the hippie culture in the 60's. Babylon ~ The state, the system, particularly when corrupt or authoritarian. Also the police, as they are the agents of the threat of force that the state derives it's power from. Rozzers ~ A UK term - a crooked cop! Pig ~ Another term believed to have started during the college campus protests when law enforcement employed the use of tear gas and wore the protective masks that look like a pig snout!

:::sniffing:::I smell bacon..

Dr Fettish
I call them The Filth, I don't know why possibly from watching too much The Sweeney....

filth,scum,beasts,poo-lice,because they are evil people they are given evil names

Sir Robert Peal started the fist police force in London, they became known as the Pealers,then other names came in such, as bobbies after his firs name Robert.

pigs feds

po po 1 time jake red dog 5-0 jump out boys them laws the vice

I would like to say what the Police call everyone outside the job, but I would get a violation...so dont worry say what you like its been heard before.

THE FUZZ.is because (what used to be covering their helmets) was a fuzzy felt texture... not too sure on the many many other wonderfull colourfull versions though!

bacon , pigs, 5,0 , blues and twos, bizzies,

Double D
Fuzz: This North American term first appeared in the 1920s and gained popularity in the 1930s. This slang term may be in reference to the sound of the field radios that police commonly use. It surfaced in Britain in the 1960s. Babylon: Jamaican English term for corrupt establishment systems, often applied to the police. Rozzers: A British term. Origin unclear; possibly from the Hebrew word "chazer", meaning "pig", or may be a corruption of Robert Peel. Lol :)

Dog Lover
I will be glad when school starts again

I know about dogs and pigs.. But donuts everywhere, beware!

dont forget 'the bill' and the 'clampdown'

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