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when i was 16 i shoplifted and i got caught. i just go accepted into nursing and i need to do a police check. do i have a criminal record? i was reading the youth criminal defence act and it said.. "Your youth record will be gone: 3 months after you receive a reprimand; 1 year after a charge is stayed; 2 years after successfully completing the extra-judicial sanctions program; 1 year after you were found guilty and received an absolute discharge; 3 years after you were found guilty if you got a conditional discharge; 3 years from your last sentence for a summary conviction offence; 5 years after your last sentence for an indictable offence." im confused.. someone please explain? im 19 right now and i live in ontario

I believe that you can go to the records office of the county were the crime was committed and ask for a check on criminal convictions for anyone you wish including yourself.

Hi Candy: Background check reports are free for anybody that need it on every police department or sheriff's office in the country. You should go to the next police station near you with a valid ID and get one, they ask no questions (unless you have a warrant, of course). That way you will have peace of mind before do anything. Good Luck!

well thats a triky 1 but i was caught shoplifting too and anyone who is thinking of shoplifting dont it was the worst experience of my life. Im 13 but i think that means you had a criminal record but u dont anymore. so i guess thats pretty good since im on the list for life :(

I work for a staffing agency and I cant tell you how many times people dont reveal their background to us and get disqualified from working with us... Even if a conviction is discharged it will show up on your background check for up to 10 years. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be upfront and honest with your potential employer. The only way that it will not show up on your background is if your lawyer had it legally expunged... And you would know if this was done because it is usually in the thousands of dollars on top of your restitution fees. Even if you think its not there, you should reveal it... It will come back to get you. If your honest about it, then even if it does show up, it will not count against you. Hope this helps.

Ne K
You'll be able to get disposition letter.But that offence will stay in your record forever,no matter what cops or judge tell you.Sorry and good luck!

Emily S
In Illinois, it stays on record for five years. It's probably a misdemeanor, not a felony. I don't know how much detail it would go into, considering you were a minor.

You don't have a criminal record. Offenses you commit as a minor don't transfer.

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