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speeding fine 48 mph in 30 mph zone?
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speeding fine 48 mph in 30 mph zone?

how much will the fine cost and how many penalty points In Lincoln uk. Received Notice of Intended Prosecution

You are not being dealt with by a Fixed Penalty Notice so other factors must come in to play. Now here is the bad news, presuming you have held a full licence for two years the maximum penalty's can be: £1000 fine, 28 day ban and six points. You may be offered a speed awareness course which will reduce the penalty. If it's less than two years since you passed your test you could have your licence revoked. 48mph in a 30mph zone is 60% over the limit or 112mph in a 70mph (motorway) zone!

I take it you weren't offered a fixed penalty, which would have got you 3 points and a £60 fine. In that case it is very likely to be as "isitme" says.

For 16-25MPH over the posted limit, the fine is between £45 and £100 + £30 costs + 4 points. http://www.ukmotorists.com/speeding%20fines.asp

It depends on what state you live in and what the judge decides.

Jam Jayy
it is usually 3 points, but it really depends on where you live

The fine is probably around $50-100

Depends where you live.

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