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stealing pumpkins?
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stealing pumpkins?

ok im 19 and i have two other friends that are 19 and 17. every year we go out and steal pumpkins on halloween. 2 years ago we got 35, last year we got 76....lol and this year were goin for 100, anyways what kind of trouble would we be in if we got pulled over?

Scott B
If a pumpkin cots $4 and you steal 100 of them ($400) that is grand theft and a felony. I seriousl;y doubt you would be charged with that, but I'm just sayin'. You would probably be charged with something like bruglary or theft, maybe criminal mischeif. Something along those lines. You would most likely be sentenced to community service, a fine and probation. They key here is, don't get caught!! Uhh, I mean don't do it. Isn't Halloween fun?

That is theft plain and simple. Hopefully its in a structure and you then will get charged with burgalry which is a felony or the total amount is over 399.00 which makes it a felony too. Either way, you get arrested, taken to jail and have to bail out, placed on probation and have a criminal record.....happy holloween to ya!!!!

If I caught you, I'd let you have a butt load of rock salt from my 12 gauge.

Stealing is stealing and you can be charged with petty theft.

Not everyone take kindly to having their stuff stolen.

Can I steal small stuff from you?

1st of all, you are 19 - grow up.
Trespassing and larceny along with a big fine, name in the paper, community service. How cool will you feel then?HAHA

people pay a lot of $ for pumpkins and generally do it for the kids to enjoy and be festive in the spirit.
What kind of family are you from? How were you raised and where is your common sense.
Don;t you remember being a kid? Did someone ever steal or smash your pumpkin and make you cry?

Where I come from we smash 'em

they would probably make you take them back , write and apology and do some community service.

Adeptus Astartes
They might make you have to give the pumpkins back

Italian Cop
If the owner of the pumpkin patch decides to press charges, you could be charged with burglary and theft. You may not get arrested, however, you will have a hefty fine or community service, possibly at the pumpkin patch, growing pumpkins for the owner of the pumpkin patch you stole from....

Vandalism, theft and trespassing to start with.

You'll be in a lot of trouble if I catch you stealing my pumpkin

I think you answered your own question by admitting you are stealing.

Around here, pumpkins sell for $3-$5 each. I'd throw you in jail, and make sure the arrest makes the press release to set an example. Oh, and if the event is separated by time and distance, for instance, each address, that would be a separate count for each offense.

Hopefully you'd be charged with vandalism and Burglary.

Kenneth C
100 counts of stealing. It adds up. Depending on how state law is written, they might total it up and it can easily be a felony amount of property stolen.

You are 19, time to stop playing these games and grow up.

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