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wen sentenced to 4 year in jail how long do you have to serve?
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wen sentenced to 4 year in jail how long do you have to serve?

with good behavior & done all courses & all your targets have been met & you get 5 month on tag wen you come out ,how long would you have to do inside jail

4 years in jail. Usually anyone sentenced on a charge does up to a year or as most inmates ask for a year and a day because they will be sentenced to Prison. You could get 4 years on multiple charges and do a consecutive sentence one after the other. But I have never heard of 4 years in a county jail?

they usually never give the full time a sentence is but if your already sentence its a day for a day.meaning half of the time.2 years

in florida it is 85% due to 'truth in sentencing' laws. in some northern states (like indiana) there are 2 for 1, which is basically you get 2 days off your sentence for everyone you serve.

Depends on the offense and the location. Some states, with good behavior, the inmate serves about 60% of their sentence.... Other states can vary. Federal time is 'dollar for dollar'.. meaning that if you get 4 years, you'll do 4 years... no good time, no early release. Hope this helped.

Natasha B
Around 2 years 10 months.

usually eight-five percent

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