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what's the oldest prison in the uk?
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what's the oldest prison in the uk?


steve c
Clink Prison is probably the oldest duty on record, which is why the term locked in the clink is a popular prison slang word. How ever some villages still have old stock mounts which out date the prison. You can not rule out castle dungeons are basically the first proper prisons the most famous of which is the tower of London.

The Clink Prison

what's the oldest prison in the uk? - as in present working or the first built?

Paul B
The Clink Prison is considered to be the oldest prison in England for men and women, which had been functional from the 12th century up to 1780. The life at the Clink revolved around brutality. The conditions were appalling and the prisoners were treated very badly.

you ever heard of wikipedia? use it.

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