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what does consecutive mean and concurrent?
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what does consecutive mean and concurrent?

90 days consecutive and 190 days concurrent does this mean 280 days total
what one goes first 90 days or 190 days

Time to change my name!
Wow did you get some bad answers to this! Yikes!

Concurrent means the sentences run side by side at the same time.

Consecutive means one follows the other.

So with what you wrote, the 90 days will overlap, (be at the same time,) as the first 90 days of the 190 day sentence. So on day 91? You will be in jail for the balance of the 190, another 100 days. It means 190 days total. :) Good luck!

A series of consecutive sentences would follow one another.

Concurrent sentences would be served at the same time.

Consecutive means one after another, concurrent means at the same time, so for the numbers you have given, the total would be 100, because the first 90 of the concurrent would tick off at the same time the 90 consecutive would, thus leaving a balance of 10.

nimble is correst

Consecutive means that when one sentence ends the other begins concurrent means the sentences run together

consecutive: one after the other
concurrent: at the same time as/ in agreement with.

Consecutive -- consider it like an addition problem -- one sentence after another. A concurrent Sentence means that they run together at the same time -- so the longest would be the one that determines the length of time in jail.

The way to know how long the criminal is serving is to look at their paperwork -- it will tell you just what the minimum sentence is -- and when they will go on probation.

Consecutive means at the same time, concurrent means one right after the other

Randy F
Consecutive means one after the other. Concurrent means at the same time. There is not enough information in your question to resolve the 90 day/190 day issue.

First of all...please note that "Princess" is a blond and should therefore be forgiven her mistake. Now then: concurrent means your butt is in there for a long time (you might get out though) while consecutive means that hopefully you'll die in there.

You got that backwards Empress! Consecutive means that if I sentence you to jail for two life sentences, that means you will serve 25 years for the first one THEN after you do, you will serve another 25 years.

If I sentence you to two life sentences to be served concurrently, you will serve both sentences at the same time and get out in 25 years.

Sir Romanis
I think you already know the meanings, but let me explain the sentencing.

All consecutive sentences are served.
A concurrent sentence is not served, it is entered as a record and used in determining further sentencing.

In your case, only 90 days consecutive is served. The person is free on the 91st, unless there is a remission for the 90 day sentence.

Let me illustrate to explain:

A person breaks into 3 shops on different days and is also arrested for possessing a weapon.

On sentencing, he gets 6 months each for all 3 break ins (2 consecutive, 1 concurrent) and 1 year for the gun offence concurrently.

In all, he will only serve the 2 consecutive terms of 6 months, equaling 1 year.

But there is a flaw, in your example, I think. Concurrent sentences are usually equal or lesser than consecutive sentences. In other words, courts tend to impose the longer penalty for an offender to serve. In your case, most of the time, the court would make the 190 day as the sentence to be served whereas the 90 day, concurrent.

And consecutive sentences, follow one another. Your scenario only lists one 90 day sentence. For it to be consecutive, it must have another sentence to go with it. Maybe two 90 day sentences or two 45day sentences (making 90) , which you ommitted.

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