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what does cop stand for?
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what does cop stand for?

Constables of Peace (Brit. origin)

ok,, this is the truth...constable on patrol

djb5474 has it.

Constable on Patrol

*New Mommie*
calling out people

Kitkat Bar
Copper-head snake. Watch out because they are poisonous - if you see one, steer clear!!! When coppers are involved you know there's gonna be trouble!

Crap on Pigs!!!

slang for police officer, I don't know where it orginated. Or pig either.


Cowardly over powered.

Originally, it was short for "Copper", because the badges were made of copper.

"White boyz jump out, everybody run."

I ΓΆ?Β¥ my doberman
Coin Operated Police

C*cks on patrol

Correctional Officer of the People

I think the orriginal term was "coppiceman," a keeper of the peace and community guardian.

crappy old police

Copper, from the copper buttons on the uniforms of Robert Peel's original force.


constipated overweight panzies

c*nt on patroll

civilians on patrol

Community Oriented Policing

citizens on patrol

Q: Where did the term "cop" come from?
A: The term originaged with the London police force back in the 1800's. The police officers, or constables, would walk their beat all day (or night) and return to their station at the end of their shift. At the station was a large ledger or log book. Before leaving, the officers would write information about their activities during the shift, and sign their name, followed by the abbreviation, "COP", Constable on Patrol.

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