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what does "hold for other agency" mean when it refers to a detainee in a prison?
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what does "hold for other agency" mean when it refers to a detainee in a prison?

My boyfriend is in jail for three things that I know of. I looked his file up on the internet. it has those charges on it and one charge that says "hold for other agancy" is this a pending charge? I am not sure because it says he has been sentenced with all of the charges listed.

debbie o
It means that another law enforcement agency needs to talk to him, he might have a warrant out or be a peron of interest in something.

S.A.M. Gunner 7212
It means he's wanted on charges somewhere else !

It means there is still some unresolved detainer for him from either another state or the federal government on criminal charges; INS -- for deportation; the military for desertion, or something similar.

this means that some other agency wants him, it could be the police in another city, sheriff of another county or an agency in another state or even the feds.

It means you need to find another boyfriend. Maybe one who is NOT a criminal.

patti duke
Sounds like a busy boy and sounds like everyone is lining up to see who can give him the most time. Cut him loose, he's wanted in more places than one and one of them shouldn't be at your place.

it is a holder don't bother posting bail cause your man isn't going anywhere except to the showers with his cellmate bubba.{next time he calls tell him not to drop the soap!!!!!}

Hot Lips 4077
it means ex-parte (X parTAY) which means that he's wanted in another county or city, and they're trying to work out whether they want to transport him there to try him or if it's even worth it to that county/city to spend the money to bring him & try him.

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