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what is the legalities of tape recording a conversation? Do you have to inform the person being recorded?
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what is the legalities of tape recording a conversation? Do you have to inform the person being recorded?

Do you have to inform a persom a person that your conversation with them is being recorded and when must you inform them?

depends on what state/county you live in

mike g
depends if you have a warrant

the real shaz
That depends on which state you live in.

Not if you burn it immediately.

Theresa M
In KY as long as one of you know it and that would be you, so dont tell the other person, because then they wont talk....it is not illegal

You have to inform them at some point in the conversation, that they are being recorded.

all depends on how you intent to use the recording
if you publish it than you are legally responsible to have pro mission from the recorded party
you can get sued royally

it depends on if you have a warrant, what the expectation of privacy is and what the voyeurism laws are in your state.

Tracy B
If you are talking about an interrogation, than yes you have to be informed that you are being recorded. If you are talking about everyday life than that is up to you, but it may come and bite you in the behind in the end.
You may need to be more specific.

In Illinois, you need permission to record someone's voice or you can be charged with electronic evesdropping. The only time your allowed to have your voice recorded is on a traffic stop and only a traffic stop..any other contact with police cannot be recorded unless they have a warrant. Such as drug or murder investigations. Otherwise, hidden tape recorders are illegal to use.

Well, I really don't know what you might want to use it for, if it's for court, some states do allow you to record a conversation without informing the party being recorded, I believe that is only if they call you on your phone and you record it, or if they approach you and start the conversation. You need to check with your local state laws.

Chris S
you can video without telling but not audio -
audio falls under a wire tapping law.
but I know that people have put cameras with audio in there cars and one of them got pulled over and charged for having it recording audio and the judge threw it out because police have video and audio so it would do no harm to have the same thing in your car.

But recording a private convo is def illegal and inadmissible in court
they HAVE to know they are being recorded by audio. ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO.
thats why if you ever call a police station you will hear a steady beep on and off to let you know you are being recorded

Warren D
The laws vary. It is normally considered at least a courtesy to let a person know a conversation is being recorded. In some jurisdictions it might be required.

Doing radio news I have often recorded telephone conversations. I always let the other person know it was being recorded. We used to have to put a "beep" on a recording, but that's no longer done.

In radio some people still refer to recorded telephone interviews as "beepers."

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