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what is the penalty (punishment) if my car passenger refuses to wear a seatbelt?
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what is the penalty (punishment) if my car passenger refuses to wear a seatbelt?

i take my elderly grandmother out in the car. she holds the seatbelt across her body to give the appearance that she is wearing it. but she wont actually plug it in because she is frail and says its uncomfortable. i dont want to stop taking her out because she cant shop for herself

tex k
In the UK I believe it is the passengers responsibility to buckle the belt the fine is £60 for not wearing it correctly

In the UK, if the passenger is an adult then they are responsible for complying with the seat belt law. She would get a fixed penalty fine (I think it is still 30 quid). 1

In Oklahoma, it is the driver's responsibility to make sure all passengers are buckled up. If anyone is caught without a seatbelt, regardless of age, the driver get's the fine.

Where I live the 1st ticket is 25.00 and goes up w/each ticket AND soon to be a PRIMARY offense where they do not have to stop you for something else to receive the ticket

Elliott M
it depends what state and why a police intiated that stop that has not happened yet

In the UK, any passenger up to and including the age of 13yrs, it's the drivers responsibilty to ensure a seat belt is worn. For passengers aged 14 and over, it's they who are liable to be fined. http://www.lawontheweb.co.uk/seatbelts.htm

My mum used to do that and I had to be forceful with her and refuse to drive until she put it on. Tell her you will get the blame for her not wearing her seatbelt and also tell her about the greater risk of death if you have an accident.

The Wolf
Death Sentence if Intentional Concentration Camp if Accidental 1,000,000,000$ fine payed either in cash or labor if car has NO seatbelt Forced Military service If you are too fat to wear seatbult

If the person is over 18 it is them who are breaking the law, not the driver the last time a mate got fined it was £30.

if the passenger is under 14 years of age it is your responsibility and you would receive the ticket,,,, if the Passenger is 14 years and over (yes 14)then the Passenger would receive the ticket

In the uk its a 30 quid fine for her, next time shes at the doctors ask for a medical exemption certificate on the grounds of her age,frailty and comfort they may issue her one.

In my state, Louisiana, it is the drivers responsiblity for everyone EXCEPT for the passenger in the front seat. That one spot in the car is their problem

Andrew S
well thats more than likely a ticket :) nothing big

If you were stopped it would be a fine (I was fined £60 for no seatbelt but that was a few years ago so not sure if the same now). Since your passenger is an adult I think she would be fined herself, not you, although I may be wrong. This is in England.

I believe it depends on your state/country. In states where seatbelts are mandatory for all passengers, it's the driver's responsibility. In my state it's a fine for the driver, and I would assume that's the usual penalty.

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