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After todays tragedy in America should the gun laws finaly be revised?
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After todays tragedy in America should the gun laws finaly be revised?

I keep hearing people talk about the 'right to bear arms'. What about the right to feel protected by a Government that is so intent on recovering so called 'weapons' from other countries? Why not get rid of the mass weapons that are currently in America, being used by often Americans themselves to kill other Americans? As an Aussie I can tell you, we look at America each time one of these tragedies happens and really wonder how nothing is done about it. I can tell you without a doubt in my mind that if that student had not been able to obtain a gun so easily, he would have not done so much damage with a knife or sword.

Yes, but I'm not sure if they will be as it is in the Constitution that each American has the right to bear arms. And as far as i can see this is the back bone for American ideology and to challenge this would challenge other aspects of American life. The more likely plan of action the Americans will do is to put more metal detectors in schools, making education more like prison.

K Marx iii
Personally, I dont see what gun laws in America has to do with us. Its their business and I dont see why we should be bothered each time some nut blows away a few of HIS countrymen

N. Cognito
Yes; this sort of thing has increased ever since those "No Firearms allowed on the premises" signs have been popping up several years ago. They should be removed immediately.

I agree with trigun... There are things out there that are the same and or if not worse then guns. Guns dont kill people, people kill people.

If those people were armed they would have had the chance to fight back or there wouldn't have been the tragedy in the first place. The problem can't be guns. When I went to school everyone including the Principal had a shotgun or a rifle and carried knife. We never had any trouble. We need to find out what changed and fix it.

the gun laws did not murder 32 inoceent people in an act of suicidal rage. i don't think that is the issue. the right to bare arms is a fundamental part of american identity while things like mental health are deemed unimportant and irrelevant until some one engages in mass murder.

Felix H
What tradegy ... a few local kids get shot and killed ... This is happening everyday in Iraq to Americans (and Iraqi's) but you ignore it. America has more guns than people. Guns are made only to kill so logical solution is you will keep murdering your own people as you have from the day you became America. Truth hurts. PS: And why did he do it ...... Because he can

Chris Bailey
America should read the "English Persons Guide To Being English" (whatever that is.) and then read "The Top Ten Gun Crimes In English History." Because they would quickly find find out that the Number One would be "Someone threw a gun a someone." lol. One should not laugh at ones own jokes. Btw If this offends anyone it is unintentional. Muahahaha.

YES, every anti-gun law since the gun control act of 1968 should be abolished. 25,000 stupid gun laws and still this happens. It's a quagmire, we need to pull out and admit we cannot win the war on gun violence.

I don't think that guns should be completely outlawed, but they should definitely have tighter security (especially in schools).

Yes . Any type of control should be repealed immediately. It's unconstitutional, period. If anything, today should be a prime example of why control is a very bad idea. I would rather have too much freedom than not enough of it.

They should have been revised years ago but sadly, I doubt they will be.

Yes and are you going to be the one to go round all the inbreads houses and tell them they can have guns anymore.


Based on that theory, airline passenger jets should be outlawed.

Zig-Zag man
dident see news what happend?

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