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Can I stop my ex-husbands girlfriend accommpaning him onto my property when I am not at home?
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Can I stop my ex-husbands girlfriend accommpaning him onto my property when I am not at home?

My ex-husband insists he can only come to my house when I'm not here. That's ok because he generally rings me and lets me know he's coming so I know he will be there. He is trying to get it fixed up so we can sell it as part of our property settlement.However, I have recently learnt that he brings his new girlfriend with him and she comes inside the house and onto my property. She has no right to do this as far as Im concerned but is there some legal action I can take to prevent her tresspassing?

Ruth S
Do you two hate each other that much, you can't stand the sight of one another???? Come on!!! From your question, you guys are trying to fix the place up so you can sell it and hopefully, split the net proceeds! Right!??? MY question is, where do you go when he comes over to the house? And why are you depriving yourself of a roof over your head while he is there!??? What happens if there is a bad storm, rain or snow? Where do you find shelter? Yes! I know that's stupid, but so is your idea to stay out of sight when he comes over, AND with WHOEVER!!!! I certainly wouldn't want any stranger wandering around my house, just because I couldn't stand the sight of my EX! Perhaps, if you BOTH work together on this project, things will get done faster, and then both of you can get on with your lives!!!!! As for the new girl-friend! put HER to work doing something!!! She has two hands, NOT two heads!!!

its good for him to have someone there in case he gets hurt or something happens. If you have concerns why don't you just put in cameras and spy on him if they're misbehaving then you can put it on youtube =)

By law your husband still owns half the house, so you can't legally stop him. You should just try talking to him.

You can't. just deal with it

Strawberries Creme
have fun get that restraining order on what proof you have

Ellen J
First you should talk to your ex and tell him you don't want strangers in the house. After all, she's a stranger to you. If he insists of bringing her than tell him that he will be responsible for the expense if she steals anything. Then hide or remove anything that you particularly don't want her rummaging through. Or you could insist that if he is going to bring her than you are going to have someone you trust at the house when she's there. Or you could get a restraining order from the court against her but that will cause problems with your relationship with your ex.

Why? Do you enjoy paying legal fees? What is the problem? It's HIS house too. A lawyer will be more than happy to make a motion and go to court and bill you by the hour. Do you really feel THAT strongly about it?

John Milton
Legally, since your husband owns part of the property, he can bring whomever he wants with him. If it bothers you that she's there, you could speak with your ex and request that he not take her with him when he comes over.

Get over the jealousy and act like adults. Please don't drag others into the drama of failed relationships.

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