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Can a convicted felon get a government job?
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Can a convicted felon get a government job?

Yes. I have applied for a government job. They have told me they are looking for people like me. They have also spent 400+K on my education . Worked at a university 4 years. Graduated almost double major. Psy/Business. Multi-awarded. Deans list, Honor Role, Stopped Significant Damages award by Dean of Students. Got business accnts, personal accnts, etc. Getting licensed by state in two different careers. Taking 2 months off. Applying for MBA @ reknowned university in Texas. Working on GMAT. Presently was working with city, some code enforcement,etc. A very high demand for me on the low. Graduated with accumalated 3.07. I am doing better than most without a felony conviction. I also have 2 felonies & 2 misdemeanors. Got very strong references from Administration. Self-employed&working in a government position soon. ALL CAPS NOT PROFESSIONAL; CAN READ WITHOUT. FELONY CONTINGENT TO JOB. No way you can work in my gov. position. Wont hire you. I have empirical knowledge. Yes. You can work for the government with a 2 felonies. Flat out. Yes you can. I have also, on top of the JOB OFFER from the government, have been offered other jobs. The came to me. Period. Recruited me. Period. No is not absolute. Im in the gray here. I have been working for them. Period. As the guy stated below. You gotta have the right connections. And I got em. Legally. Period. Letter of recomendations, etc. They even tried to recruit me the night I got caught. About 8 years ago. The FEDS are financing me as well. Period. And yes it is an example of the past coming back to haunt you. Except its for the positive. Intervention programs in colleges, schools, bars, etc. Third party law suits because people fail to to their jobs. For instance, selling a customers alcohol past the legal limits. They try to drive home, and kill a family of 5. Third party law suit going to the bar. Bars have already paid thousands in damages. Breathlyzers in bars coming very soon. You will probably see in your life time. I collect information; facts. The information will be used. Eventually, for my case study, when the State asks for it. You will be surprised what I have collected. View me as an Anthropologist emerged in MY culture looking for a solution to an environment that makes some people sick. I have been doing this for the past 7 years; collecting information for positive results and changes to our environment. Pseudonyms will be used due to defamation of character. I cannot get sued in the process. And for the people who really know the facts. Google " moral waivers for convicted felons joining the army" I tried to join the Marines on the September 11th World Trade Center attacks; they said no. It was on my birthday. Did you? I was about half way through college. I was ready to have a lay down with the enemy. Had I known the army would let me in; I would have left to protect my country. And I'm a felon. Non-Sworn positions in law enforcement are a probability. I was encouraged to apply. A very strong probability. Larry....the pickle is absolutley correct. Its all in who you know. Aldo....your wrong!!!! Sparkles....your wrong. Ida Slapter......your correct. Law.....my past has come back to reward me. For all my good efforts&works. I can even hunt.

kari f
Hello. So what was your felony for? I should have read this before replying to your message. :-) HAve a good one

Ida Slapter
The social services industry would love you.

Unfortunately, this is an example of the past coming back to haunt you.

65percent of convicted felons were in prison and they want a employe never had a record that looks bad on them plus peoplewho work4 them need ged

You appear to missing the angles of our Justice system and the rules governed down for hiring anybody for employment with the government, State or Federal. If you have a Felony Conviction it doesn't matter how many degrees you have your a cooked goose for the rest of your life. I work for the government and have so many tickets and fines when I was younger including driving with suspended license and no insurance and a DUI on top of that. I graduated from College and have a government job because I have no drug related convictions or felony convictions...I rest my case.

Mike A
it depends on the job and the felonies it also depends on how recent the felonies were

not going to be easy .....most places including gov jobs wont hire anyone with a felony.....just keep trying and dont give up....good luck

A blank!
My degree is in accounting and I got the same Grades you did and won awards and honors, but since I have a R on my voting ticket I get treated like a felon, when I have commited none. See knowledge doesn't matter just politics and you wonder why the world is messed up.

There's no flat-out ban on a felon being hired for a government job. But.... many 'types' of government job are barred to felons. Anything that involves working with money, or that would give you access to peoples personal data will be barred to you. Many types of license - weapons, medical/psychiatric, financial, etc, are barred to felons. Any career in law enforcement is barred to you. So, being a psychiatrist is a government hospital - no. Being an assessor for the IRS - no. Being a cop - no. Being a janitor in a government hospital - not legally barred. Richard

Dan H
I would guess that most, if not all government jobs are barred to convicted felons. Certainly those that require a security clearance. However, you can be a politician and run the country, so long as you are electable.

Jilliane D
What? Im confused... Im assuming no.

If you have the right connections.

No you cannot hold a government job with a felony record. This goes for federal, state, county, and city. An extensive background check is done to see if you have any felonious record/s

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