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Can a supervisor legally call your home if you call in sick?
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Can a supervisor legally call your home if you call in sick?

Are they allowed, legally, to ask what's wrong with you?

lets put it this way there is nothing illegal about it

It may depend on what State you live in but I do belive they can call. Maybe they need to make scheduling changes if you have a lenghty illness, maybe you have a contagious decease (like the Mumps going around in Idaho), maybe you have a history of calling out sick and they are just checking up! Most companies have handbooks that are given to all employees when they are hired that explains their policy. Not the answer I bet you were looking for but I hope it helped!

Yes, unless you specifially ask them not to call or file a restraining order against them which would sure make working for them difficult. It's a pain in the butt, my boss used to always call and bother my rest if I was sick to ask stupid questions and tell me work was piling up. I finally got disgustedly mad and left the job to go to a great boss.

yes they do, but that does'nt mean you have to answer the phone.

I think they can if they haven't been called by you. I've been called before.

Most likely, yes. Depends on your situation, but I'd suggest checking your employee handbook, if you have one. If you are an employee-at-will (non-contract), then what you've effectively done is agreed to work on their terms. Those terms are generally detailed in an employee handbook of some kind - you know, the one most people throw into the back of some drawer and forget about. If their terms include proof of illness for sick days taken, there's nothing illegal about it.

Yes they can call you and ask.

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