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Can employer terminate me while I am on medical leave or disability?
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Can employer terminate me while I am on medical leave or disability?

if your disability is legit and you provide your employer with medical documentation to support your absence then no.my friend was fired by her employer while on std and she sued and got a settlement out of it.it looks like each case is different though according to other answers.

bill l
not in ontario. sure there could be some extreme rules you could break but most people have never done such things.

These days, unless you have Teflon union protection like the, uh, FORMER auto workers and lotsa $$$ for an employment atty, employer can do anything s/he darn well pleases under the guise of managing the business cost-effectively. Quite often these days the union if you have one will have somehow dissipated the benefits fund so don't expect much in the way of advocacy from the shop steward or anyone else for that matter. Union is just as happy to see one less claimant. See http://www.bcdisabilities.com/bcdisforum/viewtopic.php?t=86 for more.

yes and they will

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/At-will_employment If you are on disability leave that was caused by your job he will have to continue paying the disability however. Just because you get sick you aren't granted a magical dismissal proof shield.

It depends on several factors, including the number of employees and the length of your employment. I believe that employers with fewer than 50 employers are exempt from FMLA, and that there is a requirement that you be employed for 12 months before you can claim protection.

You can be terminated while on medical leave or disability. If the leave qualifies under FMLA, you can't be terminated BECAUSE of the medical leave or disability. But it won't protect you from termination for cause or a layoff.

Only if they can prove it's not legit.

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