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Can i sue my dad for abuse?
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Can i sue my dad for abuse?

ever since i was a little child about 3 years old my dad always used to beat me, and as i was growing up he beat me with my dogs leather leash, he stopped after i called the cops on him at the age of 13, but i'm 14 now....he was not only physicaly abusing me, but also vurbaly. i have some evidence (pictures) on the marks he left on me when i was beatten, and i have 2 witnesses he has stopped beating me now, but can i still charge him for all the times he has? so my main questions are: 1) can i still charge him even though this happened a year ago? 2) how much money would i be able to sue him for?

I don't have enough information to answer your original question, but please talk to your school's guidance counselor or some other adult outside your family. There is a fine line between corporal discipline and child abuse.

As a minor, you don't have the authority to take legal action in such matters. Any legal action taken here would be done through CPS and the county in which you reside, which means that evidence of abuse would have to be compelling enough for CPS to remove you from your parents' custody. If that happens, you're in for one craptacular foster home after another; I'm speaking from experience here. Try to deal with this obviously crappy situation the best you can, which means getting awesome grades in school; by doing this, you will have a much better shot at escaping your parents' home, getting into a respectable college, and eventually starting a new life. You can't bring a civil lawsuit against your parents either. Assuming you're actually being abused as opposed to teen-aged whimperings of abuse that doesn't really exist, then you should come to the painful realization that you and you alone are responsible for flipping the cards you've been dealt in life. Foster care isn't any better, and CPS won't remove you from your parents' home unless the abuse is chronic and severe.

There is a either 2 or 3 year statute of limitations in cases like that so yes, you could still do something about it. To get money you have to sue him in civil court. The amount of money you could get depends on what kind of monetary damages occurred because of his abuse and you could also probably sue for additional money.

Yea Yea
Question is: How much money do you have to pay the lawyers, IF you have a provable case.

im pretty suree you can because you have evidence and i would definitley press charges if i were youu

I have to ask, why didn't the police arrest him when you called the police at the age of 13? Talk to your school counselor and ask for advice. Try talking to the police for their advice. Do you know any lawyers? Where is your mother in all this? Good luck.*

i think there a time limit on reporting i think it has top have happend in last 6 months but could be 1 yr also. if you have evidance and witnesses it can be a good case for you. But assuming your parent are married they might have to move you or your father out of the house. Well im not sure if u can charge him if he doesnt do it anymore call ur local police department

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