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Can my boss give out my number without my permission?
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Can my boss give out my number without my permission?

Once you give your number to someone it is no longer private and becomes public. You have to pay a fee to keep it from going public in a phone book.

Ruth S
What number? Your telephone or your Social Security? And to WHO has he given it to???

Yes. Phone numbers aren't protected information under law.

Yes, your boss or anyone else in possession of your phone number may give it out without your permission. A phone number is not considered legally private information.

Only if it's used for work related purposes or requested by law enforcement.

That depends - if it's your personal number, not unless it is to someone at work who he has asked to contact you for something work related. if it's a work phone, then he may give it out, because it's technically company property.

My answer would be no but you did not give any details it really depends on what kind of job it is and who he gave the number to

scott b
If it's a listed number, yes.

Gav from Oz
No Edit - as it is your personal information, you employer IS NOT allowed to give it to ANYONE unless he is legally compelled to do so (police etc) or it is to another person within the company for legitimate reasons (HR etc). For those who are saying if it is a listed number - irrelevant - if it is public information, the person making the enquiry about your number can go find it themsleves elsewhere.

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