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Can you get a restraining order against a dog?
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Can you get a restraining order against a dog?

My neighbour's dog keeps trying to attack my dog and today it attacked her and hurt her. Is there anything I can do legally to stop this from happening again? (I have tried talking with them, but they are completely ignorant and unreasonable). I am scared next time their dog will really do some serious damage to her.

This is an animal control issue, unless your dog went onto the other dog owner's property. Any animal on public or private property must be under the control of its owner. If he refuses to control his dog such that he attacks other dogs or people, he can face fines and his dog can be taken from him.

Jessie C
you cant get a restraning order on a dog. a dog doesnt have rights, people do. you can sue the owner of the dog for attempted abuse via canine. id let him bite your dog to prove you have a case.

You can get an order against the dog owner requiring them to restrain the dog.

You can go to your local States Attorney's office and ask to have charges filed against your neighbor for not controlling his animal, and also ask that the dog be impounded. I doubt very much that the local police dept. will do anything about it.

Take them to small claims court. While you won't get any sort of large award, you will get a pretty solid guarantee it won't happen again. Not to mention that next time it might not be your dog, it might be a small child on the sidewalk.

old know all
You can get a restraining order on the owner. If the dog has attacked, complain to the police. Next time you walk your dog, carry a large stick and use it to beat the dog and the owner if you are attacked again.

Their dog is required to be held onto their property - either through a fence or some sort of leash/chain. If their dog is loose (and yours is not, of course), take her to court to pay the medical bills. .

You usually can't get a restraining order against an animal, but you can file a police complaint (or with the local dog warden, depending how your county handles animal complaints). The neighbor can be ticketed and/or fined. Just be aware that if they find the dog to be vicious or otherwise harmful, they may be able to take the dog away from your neighbor and even destroy it.

call animal control and file a complaint.

uh...you have an animal attack. Don't screw with them. CAll animal control and file a complaint.

Take the owner to court, sue them for damages, maybe they will get a hint.

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