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Can you get out of a contract you owe money on due to not being of sound mind?
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Can you get out of a contract you owe money on due to not being of sound mind?

Hi there, I owe some money in regard to a couple of phone bills. I got two phones one day for my sister and her fiance in my name and they ranked up a bill each and never paid. However, on that day I was taken to hospital by Ambulance. I was just wondering, am I able to say I was not of sound mind, and therefore did not know what i was signing, making it all void? I can't seem to find any information in regard to that online. ANY advice would be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks so much!

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Not in this case. You perhaps weren't thinking straight on that day (possibly, you don't actually say what was wrong) but by allowing the contract to continue you basically reconfirmed your acceptance of it. For that defence to work you would have had to cancel the contract as soon as possible after regaining your senses.

Claiming you are not of sound mind is an "affirmative defense". This means it is up to you to prove you were not. Having the tests done would probably cost more than the phone bill, and there is no guarantee it would be effective.

I would heavily doubt it. What was your diagnosis at the hospital? You can always go to a free legal site and ask. Freeadvice.com is a free legal advice site. Ask your question there. Be sure to give details, I'm sure they will ask what you were treated for.

The Truth
Riding in an ambulance does nothing to prove you were not of sound mind. Ambulances transport sick people, not crazy ones.

Just by doing what you did is not normal

you will have to prove that you did not know what you were signing...which would be almost impossible and cost more than the phone bills.

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