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Can you legally disown a blood relative so they are no longer legally considered your relative?
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Can you legally disown a blood relative so they are no longer legally considered your relative?

therefore have no rights as next of kin, or through laws of intestacy, etc. and other laws that have to do with family? essentially divorce them i guess (but they arent your spouse) not only via a will financially, but also have no right to have control of your medical treatment if you fall ill.


joan k
Yes you can, but you will need to see a solicitor.

You could disown them and disinherit them but legally they would still be your biological relative.

It depends, once again, on the laws in your state. Most cases like this that have been in the media have been child stars who wish to be emancipated from their parents. You would have to check with a family law attorney. Most offer free consultations.

Yes you can, my sister has done it to her daughter for all the right reasons. Write your will in front of a solicitor and appoint executors to the will that aren't in it. "not only via a will financially, but also have no right to have control of your medical treatment if you fall ill." If it's in your will that's it legally binding, the phrase is, "I being of sound mind". The minute you are non compus mentus, your will kicks in and the executors make your medical decisions.

Disinheriting a relative is usually done through your will. You should contact an estate planning attorney for advice.

I think the answerer above me is right about not writing them into your will. Other than that, I think you can have it legally written you don't want your relative to have anything to do with you full stop and have it signed and approved by your solicitor I believe.

I hope so. My sister, when our mother died, took control of father. when he passes away I don't want to be part of her family any more.

just make a will and say that you do not wish to be associataed with them and leave them nothing at all. Or you cold enquire if you can make a statement now and leave it with your solicitor. I sympathise i cant stand my brother either and wont have anything to do with him

Yes you should be able to. Talk to a lawyer and they will help you get it done.

mean molly
yes you can it has been done by a spoilt brat who disowned mummy and daddy it shouldn't be allowed and people who think about it should have "BLOOD IS THICKER THAN WATER" tattooed on there heads!!!

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