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Can you sue someone for writing bad things about you on facebook?
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Can you sue someone for writing bad things about you on facebook?

I have someone that writes under my pictures or there pictures, very rude things about me and my family. Most of the time, if it's under my pictures i can erase it, but other times i can't and it's getting out of hand. I've reported them on facebook, but that really hasn't done anything. Can i sue them for a type of slander??? even tho it's not a verbal attack? What else could i do?

J Browning
I would think that this falls in to the category of libel because it is written and not spoken. There was a successful action taken out last year by an official of the Defence Police Federation because he was the subject of written articles on a website of a group of individuals. I think he was awarded in the region of £45k but it is a hard one to prove and certainly expensive. If it was me I personally would use such sites and in your case I would ignore it. However, if you sufficiently hurt by the allegation, then seek the opinion of a solicitor specialising in libel actions.

Michael H
If it is written or in the media, then it is considered libel. In order to prove libel, there are certain things that must ne proved, not the least of which is that damages must have occurred, The cost of pursuing a libel case is tremendous, unless you have deep pockets, I suggest you set your privacy to not allow them to comment on your facebook and move on.

??? The only people who can make comments on your photos are those you have ALLOWED. Change your privacy to only allow friends to comment, and unfriend the person. It boggles my mind that people will post photos on Facebook without understanding the privacy options. In any event, it is not illegal to write or say rude things anywhere. Rudeness is not slander.

You can sue for libel.Can you win? That is another question. Libel refers to the written word, while slander is the spoken word. Keep in mind, however, that if what the person is writing about you is true, or generally believed to be the truth, it is not libel. As already suggested, just remove the offender from your friend list.

Slander is generally covered by the law. Document the instances and be able to link authorship.

nope, just report them

You can only sue them if the libel costs you financially.

You can sue them for libel and defamation of character, but only if you can prove what they're saying is false.

Dispenser of Bad Advice
No. You can't.

Remove them from your friend list.

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