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Can you sunbathe nude in your own back garden?
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Can you sunbathe nude in your own back garden?

Are there any laws about it? The only way i could be seen is from one upstairs window, other than that, everything is pretty much hidden. fences are high, a lot of trees, hedges etc. just with the weather been nice, just thought about doing it, just want to know if its allowed. I live in UK. cheers

It depends on local law. Other posters have addressed that. Plant shrubbery or put up a privacy barrier like a large umbrella. If you know and communicate with your neighbor, just ask them if they care.

I do it. It's only an issue if one of your neighbors complains about it. As long as your comfortable with it and you don't think your neighbors can see then it's probably fine

Get Cameron out
I am not so sure of the laws of Scotland or Northern Ireland, but the law of England and Wales is fairly straight-forward on this. Nudity in itself is not a crime. If you walk around naked, even in the street, it would only be a crime if somebody reported that they were offended by what they saw. If you want to be naked anywhere, and have a reasonable expectation of privacy, then it is not a crime, and if someone was to go out of their way to get a glimpse, they could not claim to be offended and no offence is committed. If you are naked in your own garden, and a neighbour gets a glimpse, then that could be an offence, as you knew they could easily see you.

If you can be seen by anybody, it is indecent exposure

EU Dictatorship
In a free country you would be allowed to do this but not in the EU. Up until the 1920's people were allowed to swim naked in the UK.

It's probably illegal everything else is , but police won't be bothered because it would mean they have to walk around the back of your house ,,, and ,,,,, well ,,,,, they ain't got the resources . Now if there was an on the spot fine in place they'd send forty officer's a dog and a helicopter because there is no expense spared in collecting revenue .

As your neighbour,. i encourage this!

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