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Dealing with bad neighbor kids??
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Dealing with bad neighbor kids??

I have 2 kids living next door with a single mom. The mother is the same maturity as the 14 and 12 year old. They are constantly vandalizing my stuff, throwing garbage over the fence and at my house!!! The cops can't do anything because I can't prove anything. They told me to set up a video camera. Any ideas??? I am not moving.

I have been through this kind of hell myself, but it was with an entire neighborhood and it was terrible!! Parents who do not raise their Children right, are just as wrong. If you are definately planning to move soon, you might make things easier on yourself to just go, avoiding all the legal hassle & heartache that you will be put through pursuing this issue in a "Juvenile Court of Law", should it go that far. The challenge in disciplining unruly or out-of-control kids through the legal-system is that they are defined as "Minors" in most states and many times the Police will only talk to the Parent(s) and/or the kid(s) in the hopes that that will be enough. Many times this has no effect at all though. The trouble that I experienced in the neighborhood that I lived in before (it was a Homeowners Association) went on for more than 5 years. I; myself, would talk to the kid(s), talk to the parent(s), talk to those on the Board of Directors, talk to the Administrative Service the Homeowners Association used, talk to the Security Service used by the Homeowners Association & talk to the Police!! Nothing ever changed 'til finally one of the youths in the neighborhood was throwing hard objects over the back fence that could have hit any one of us when we walked out the back door and caused seriously injury- and at that point, I contacted a Lawyer!! All of the trouble immediately stopped. Soon after though, we were given notice to move out, which was just fine with me. You may want to have someone with you who could be a 2nd Witness if you really want to pursue this legally, or use a video camera to get the video-footage. However, it may be better to just move on. I know exactly what you are going through and it makes my blood boil to hear of anyone else having to go through this. Why we stayed as long as we did, other than the fact it was so affordable, I will never know. . . .And they messed with my Children too!! Do you have Children that are being hurt? You may want to file a "Police Report" anyway, even if you are not able to prove anything- but once you can prove it, that report will be "on record".

Free Ken
Make friends with a police officer, have him/her over for lunch (off duty), and or other times. Let everyone know you are friendly with the police, and EVERY time sh*t happens call them. If they rent call the landlord....EVERY TIME....as soon it happens, if it's 3:00A.M. so be it. Go ahead and set up video cams put them were they can be seen and were they can't.

Try the video camera, have you talked with this woman? If all else throw all there garbage back over the fence and some of yours too, you might as well have fun with it.

Yes, I agree. You need to document everything that happens to your house, especially when you are gone. Also, write down dates and times. Yes, this will be time-consuming, but we have to take back our neighborhoods and face these heathens who think they can get away with all this b.s.

Ok Listen you dont have to setup all those cameras all you have to do is tell them youll call the cops and theyll stop they will be scared so yeah do that

Set up the camera! That's the only legal remedy you're going to find.

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